Thursday, January 30, 2014

Do You Ever Really Wonder About Your ♥ Future Hair ♥ ??

I mean, beyond the Herbal Essence "yes! Yes! YESSS!" commercial. lol

Lately, ya'll know I've been kinda irritated by the fact that my hair takes obnoxiously long to dry sometimes. Half of that is just my hair being weird and I suppose I'm not helping with the way I always soak my hair in leave in conditioners and oils after my wash day routines. lol

But, it's really got me wondering lately....what will it be like when my hair ACTUALLY reaches tailbone length stretched??? I just assume it will be even MORE of a hassle to deal with. I'll probably be even MORE bored with my hair...who knows?

Drying times already take days beyond days. What if it becomes weeks beyond weeks? I may have to prolong wash day from once a week to twice a week (which may not work because my scalp ALWAYS has the final say on that one lol). I've had to simplify my product inventory a massive much to cheaper and more readily available products because of my hair getting longer and using up more products and not being able to replenish them as fast as I use them. I've gone through so many detangling trials and my shortest detangling time ever has only been a little past half an hour (and also left me with matted roots). Detangling sessions take at least an hour these days, and will probably only get longer the longer my hair gets.

Styling....Haaaa, lets. Not....Even.

Not to mention my boredom with it. Many long haired naturals I see either resort to coloring it, shaving half or all of it, relaxing it, or damaging it unintentionally to get over the "hair boredom" and I just fear that maybe I will be the same way. Only reason I say "fear" is because I'm looking at all the energy and patience I'm putting into my hair NOW and I don't want to get all the way to finish line and screw it up.

This is like some sort of weird committment to me. lol

I don't know. Just me thinking. I still am going to grow my hair to TBL stretched because I really do want to see my braidouts on hair that long. lol But who knows....I might be the next one to shave it all off and start over.

I'll probably turn it into my own wig. lol RECYCLE!!!!

~ keep calm'n coily ~

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