Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014: The Year of......Trims?

2009: Year of the Big Chop
2010: Year of Learning My Hair
2011: Year of Damage
2012: Year of Repairing Damage
2013: Year of Gaining Health

2014: Year of......Trims?

I don't know if I should feel bad or good?

A LOT of things happened within this year that involved tons and tons and tons of hacking and trimming and cutting off and saying goodbyes to my ends NUMEROUS times.

The last thing I probably need to be thinking about is trimming my hair MORE. But......what if it's possibly the cure for me retaining most of my length and keeping me from being overly scissor-happy?

It's know secret that I love freshly trimmed hair and that I feel that a fresh trim and healthier ends results in giving the hair overall thickness and the lush, juicy, plump look that I love in straight, curly, or kinky hair.

But I've noticed that me waiting to every 4 to 6 months to trim results in me taking off MORE hair than I need to because I always feel like I'm not taking off enough. But it's just because I don't want my ends to look tapered.

Example A, do you SEE my ends in the December 2012 picture (one on the left)?? How it's thick and then like the last 2 or 3 inches of hair looks drastically thin? But then in the December 2013 picture (one on the right) it looks pretty thick from root to tip?

Funny how I'm not more concerned about the length I retained cause I think it's pretty safe to say I retained NO LENGTH. But I actually did though. It's really hard to see in these pics, but my hair in the Dec '13 pic is about 2 or 3 inches longer than the Dec '12 pic.

And also, I got my hair back to an incredibly healthier state and I have to keep it that way. It's not thin in any way and I love that about my hair and want to keep that about my hair no matter if it gets longer or stays the same, I just want my hair to stay healthy.

And maybe I can keep that with.....trims.

I'm thinking maybe every 2 months, trim off like 1/4 of an inch no matter if I feel my ends need it or not. So every 8 months I'll be trimming off an inch of hair. So in a year, I would have trimmed off 1.5 inches of hair.

The only reason is because I love the look of freshly trimmed ends and maybe by trimming more frequently, it'll keep me out of my hair more often. I know it sounds backwards but it makes sense to me. I can afford to lose some growth whereas some people may look at this as a terrible idea. But I'm already fairly close to waist length....maybe. And a healthy waist length at that! I'm just trying to prevent me from over trimming and taking off 2 and 4 inches in a year as opposed to the 1.5 that I calculated. This might actually help out.

And if it starts to backfire, I'll give up on it. lol

But I enjoy my hair more when it's healthier and up to par rather than having to keep it in a protective style to hide the little raggedy bits until my next trim. I think the every 2 month thing is gonna work out.....I think it will. We'll see anyways.

~ keep calm'n coily ~

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