Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Eeeyyeeeeaaaah, so I ended the 6 Month Super Spurt Challenge kinda early. It was supposed to end on the 31 but.....who is really free to do a random length check on the last week of the year? lol Kay, maybe that was a bit of an exaggeration (and more of an excuse xD), but I was really itching to blowdry my hair and do a length check.

Of course, I have no pictures of the blow dried hair, well at least not YET. This blowdry was SUCH a spur of the moment and I was rushing through it anyways. To prep for it, I just went about the same process I did in my yarn braid tutorial, protein treatment and all. I ended up deep conditioning overnight and I did not heavily moisturize nor seal.

After the deep conditioner had been rinsed, I went twist by twist, undid one twist, applied like a dime or quarter-sized amount of leave in and then followed that up with Garnier Fructis' sleek and shine blowdry perfector serum and then used the blowdryer along with the concentrator nozzle and did the tension method. I totally did not abide by the "safety rules" and use cool or low heat at all.......I was Russian! lol So I did use it on high with the heat level on high for the first half of drying and as it dried more I would flick the heat setting to warm. Never used the cool shot button. lol

I was done within half an hour though, maybe a little bit over. But yeah, blowdry was over and ya girl was seriously looking like Simba's long lost cousin. lol But for some reason, I just wasn't surprised.

Yes, I did this for the sole purpose of doing a length check comparison so here it is.

For some reason, I just expected more from my hair. But I guess it did grow and I'll be happy about that! What length do you think I am? I'm kinda thinking I'm officially MBL now but I'm not really sure. But I guess it'll be a while before I'm able to claim waist length buuuut, at least I'm getting kinda close eh? Not a bad check in, people, not bad.

As of now, my hair is still in this random blow dried style. I'm thinking about putting in some braids using my own hair. Either cornrows or single braids, I'm not sure. But I'm kinda done playing in the big Mufasa Mane right now. lol

~ keep calm'n coily ~

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