Thursday, December 26, 2013

Hair of Yesterday

And the day before.....and the day before....and a couple more Days Before. lol I've been uber busy you all, mostly with getting my room together and other times with work. Yah. But my room makeover is looking GOOO-ED. I love it! ♥

But this is my hair outside in a twistout, I still consider it a dry blow dried twistout since water still hadn't really touched my hair all that much. Probably just some garnier leave in but that's as much water as it got in like....two weeks? lol So bad, I know.

But anyways, the twistout came out GREAT! Some of the ends were still curly from the rod set I had done and it also gave me the great idea to try more rodded twistout sets in the future. I just might. This set turned out awesome! lol

I was feeling super cute that today. lol! So that's my style savvy check in for now, currently I'm getting ready to deep condition my hair and wash it. Oh it is sooo ITCHY!!! Never again can I go 2-something weeks without washing my hair. It's MADNESS!!!

~ keep calm and wash yo hurrr! ~

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