Sunday, December 15, 2013

Gotta Get Style Savvy!

Because I have gotten so LAZY when it comes to styling my hair. lol

I've been trying to style my hair for the past week on my blowout hair and it's all turned out.....well, not MISERABLY, but it's clear that the products I've been using are not products that can hold up and keep my styles defined and lasting longer than a day. They always end up poofing up and whatnot.

And I have so much hair lately I just don't know what to do with it (and have the NERVE to want more of it! lol).

So I figured, you know, before Nelly the Fro starts getting any longer and bigger, I need to get re-accustomed to doing my hair like I used to. I need to start doing my hair more, experimenting with intricate protective styling designs that will probably include flat twists and cornrows. Not only testing out intricate styles, but also branching out from my usual braid out and twist out and try other "out styles" (as if there are so many), but maybe give bantu knot outs another go, maybe try out those cocoon curls I've been seeing a lot of naturals do, maybe even try a braid 'n curl or something. Just branch out of my regular -out styles. And also I want to find some other go to styles other than the scarved bun and hiding my hair all away within a beanie cap. I mean, even if my go-to-styles still involve wearing scarves and beanies, I at least need to find several different ways to dress them up.

I don't think I'm a big FASHIONISTA but granted, I'm tired of looking so regular. I had one of my co-workers the other day see my hair done in twists (I just twisted a few sections in the front and threw my beanie hat on) and he was like "Is that all your hair? Your hair looks nice. You need to style your hair more."

Womp. lol!

Dude, I was on a protective styling challenge!!!! lol

It's not because of him though, I've had that co-worker and another call me tomboy-ish and all that jazz. Doesn't really bother me but I do want to dress up a bit more. I just don't. I mean the work I do doesn't really call for me to be all dressed from head to toe, actually it really requires the opposite what with all the climbing and physical labor involved. I dunno, I just want to start being slightly cute these days. I don't even really dress up when going out and about. I'm so......regular.

I won't make this a challenge per se cause I hope to make this an ongoing thing. I don't know if I'll be doing outfit of the day posts, I'm not really fashionable to be giving advice to other folks! lol But maybe I'll try to do more Hair of the Day posts? Maybe I'll call it the Style Savvy Check~In. lol How's that?

For now, I'm gonna try to be consistent and do it everyday or every other day so styling my hair can become habitual again. But from then on, I'll really try to do frequently random (contradiction??) updates on the "Style Savvy" thing. Sound like an idea?

I just need to stop being lazy and do my freakin hurr!! lol Who knew actively growing your hair could subconsciously make you lazy!?

~Keep calm 'n coily ♥~

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