Saturday, December 28, 2013

2013: How Did I Do?

2013's Hair Resolutions Flashback...
Continue to protective style heavily this year, but still enjoy my hair!
I did good with protective styling this year, maybe not always enjoying it but I persevered! So for this one I feel I passed.
Continue to use the products that WORK for my hair!
Definitely held true to this. I haven't changed products all year, maybe my shampoo but I haven't necessarily "changed" it. It's still in the Suave Professionals group and I use them both so on this one... √
Continue to deep condition weekly, don't fall off the bandwagon!
If I do nothing else, I've definitely kept to deep conditioning weekly all year long. I've never skipped one session (well except for this past week, but that's the only time this whole year). I'm glad I've kept up with this, cause when my deep conditioning routine goes, my hair care goes too so.... √

Trim when necessary whether few or frequent!
Yeah, I've definitely been a trimmer this year. I've been keeping my ends healthy, neat, and tidy with trims, maybe a little *too* neat and tidy tho but nevertheless..... √

♥ I intend to reach "Waist Length" by the end of 2013 ♥
Good thing I only said I *intended* to because I sure as heck did NOT make that this year. But I feel I came pretty close and am on a good track to waist length next year hopefully. But healthy hair comes first! So this one....MISSED.

keep calm
♥ keep it coily ♥

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