Saturday, December 28, 2013

2013 Hits ♥ Misses

TRIMS!!!   I've honestly learned this year that I much prefer healthier hair over longer hair ANYDAY. Healthier hair just looks so much fuller and thicker, it's much more bouncier and springier and much more alive than unhealthy long hair. I'll never hold out on a trim for the sake of trying to only be a "once a year trimmer" like I used to be. Unhealthy hair is NOT cute ya'll.
Protective Styling!!!   Yup, still a hit for me. It helps me retain length and who can argue with those kinds of results man? Besides, it's easy when you're busy and life is starting to pile up some more business....
Monthly Protein Treatments!!!  YES! It makes my hair so strong and actually helps my curls spring and pop more. It also aids in less breakage as well as stronger strands (and I mean STRONG!). Not gonna give this up.
Beanies!!!   I love my beanie hats and will crochet (and knit) some more of them. They're so easy and a much cuter switch-up from regular scarves They're easy to slip on and they look so cute and adorable! I love beanies!
Scrunchies!!!   Don't sleep on them ya'll. They do not snag my hair like at all. Flexible and holds my hair tight and I love that when it comes to take it out it just slides right out. It's better than using the hair ties that have the attachment pieces in them that always manage to snag my hair in some kind of way....
Perm Rods!!   I think I'm starting to like curly styles a little more than I used to and the perm rods will probably be my entrance into the world of curly styling (beyond natural curls that is lol). I'm kinda feeling them.
Conair's Double-Sided Curvy Comb and Denman Brush Combo!!!   These two to detangle my hair is AWESOME!!! The Conair curvy comb really does a good job in my opinion of detangling my hair without feeling like it's snatching it out. For some reason it feels way gentler on the hair closer to my scalp than my shower comb which is a good thing because that's usually where my tangles are the thickest. And then to go behind it and smooth and flatten the density of my hair with my modified denman brush is just...... ♥___♥ Yaaaassssssss.
Prolonging Length Checks!!!   The five months I went without doing a length check was a pretty good idea (though it really tested my patience a LOT lol). I was still pretty in awe over my length when I checked it and I did like the surprise. I may not always be able to go five months without length checking but I'll try to instead of checking after every month (or even within two weeks lol).
Low Manipulation!!   I've. Been. So. LAZY! With my hair but not too lazy to not always endure my weekly wash days, deep conditioning and detangling sections and all that jazz. I'm just always lazy when it comes to styling it, but I can't say my hair hasn't been thriving off of my leaving it be all the time. I truly think I get most of my retention when I just keep my hands clear of the hair follicles and let them be.
Trims...   I had gotten a little "too" scissor happy this year and trimmed off length I really didn't NEED to just because of the cosmetics. I just wanted my ends to continue to look fresh even when the trimming wasn't absolutely necessary. So this year I must remember to only trim when NECESSARY.
Protective Styling...   Though protective styling is my greatest friend in terms of length retention, over the years it has made me incredibly style-lazy as I continued to opt to do the most laziest, most low manipulating styles ever such as yarn braids, or just tying my scarf over it. This year, I MUST get back into the styling game and at least *try* to make my hair remotely pretty sometimes.
FINGER DETANGLING...     Is. A. NO! Either I just can't get it right or it's not my cup of tea....or both. Apparently, for my type of hair texture, I don't have the patience to sit down and do it right because I don't feel like spending hours and hours JUST to detangle my hair. Because if I DON'T sit there and spend hours finger detangling my hair exclusively, within days my roots will matt and mesh and doing anything to it becomes a straight HASSLE. My hair needs to have a comb or brush to it every week or my hair is likely to dread up. I've tried exclusively detangling three times and I keep getting the same results of matting and meshing. No more at all. I still do finger detangle when styling or whatever but to exclusively finger detangle when it comes to the main episode of brushing out tangles, no, I NEED my double-sided curvy comb and denman brush. It's a MUST.
Setting Deadlines....    I was really disappointed about not making waist length this year, but I'm coming to terms with the fact that growth is something I cannot control. The only thing I control is the length I retain. So I'm going to start concentrating more on keeping my tresses healthy and chock full of moisture as opposed to studying it's length under a magnifying glass. Maybe I'll have less disappointments if I have less expectations. =)
~keep calm'n coily~

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