Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Desire Is REAL!'s VERY real...

I have a blowdryer, but it's the long one with the comb attachment. I don't really use the comb attachment anymore and it doesn't work with the concentrator nozzle or the diffuser so it's purpose is pretty limited these days.

I tell ya, I'm quite the eager bunny rabbit to go ahead and blowdry my hair, but I've still got ONE MORE MONTH to go. UGH! But the excitement is REAL. I'm just ready to blowdry and flat iron it, ya'll see I got the blowdry serum thing from garnier and everything. Next time, I'm gonna get a flat iron and the heat protectant the garnier also produces (I really love garnier fructis ya'll!). I'm just really excited to see the length of my hair, I'm very eager to just straighten it and straighten it some more. But I don't want to get heat damage so I'm doing alot of research on what I can do to prevent it as much as know...besides laying off the heat altogether. lol

Soooo, I just have to get through the month of December....noooow what protective style should I do THIS month? Perhaps I should go back to my chunky twists underneath my satin bonnet and black scarf?

But here's my truth. This set of yarn braids I have been really neglecting my hair. And it was purely out of having a very busy schedule. I haven't even washed my hair and today actually make three weeks since I've had these yarn braids in. So come next Saturday or probably even some time this week I'm gonna start taking them down so that I can have my good ol' loose Nelly back. I'm so eager to see the length of my hair it's not even FUNNY.

But I'm creating my arsenal now. I've got the blowdryer, next piece is the flat iron. Anything else? Any tips? Any ideas? I'm thinking that I might try my jumbo flexi rods on my straightened hair as know, just to see....or maybe satin rollers? I don't know, I just feel I don't do enough with my hair. I wanna get back to styling it again!

~keep it calm'n coily~

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