Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Funky Yarn Braids--Take 2!! *Tutorial*

Kay so I'm back with another set of semi-colorful yarn braids. This time I didn't go all out with the numerous colors like I did last time, kinda wanted to keep a bit simple so I only did blue highlights and I honestly love them again!

Okay, so originally, I was going to make this a "pictorial" for you all, since I know I like pictures when viewing little how-to's a whatnots buuuuuut....my pictures are rather sucky for it to be "pictorial material" (yes, I'm very picky!). Sooooooo, yeah. It's hard trying to take pictures by yourself and making them look all classy buuuuut, I guess it will be a sort of tutorial, I guess I'll still explain everything I did and show you the pics and you know what, how about I just stop rambling and get right to it like any other post....that sound like a plan? Cool. :)

♥ Things You'll Need ♥
  • A protein treatment
  • Shampoo//Cleanser of your choice
  • Rinse Out Conditioner
  • Deep Conditioner
  • Moisturizer//Leave In Conditioner.....or both...
  • Oil(s)
  • Spray Bottle filled with Water
  • Hair Clips (at least 6 or more)
  • Duckbill Clips (2)
  • Plastic Caps
  • Detangling Tool(s)
  • Lighter
  • Acrylic Yarn (at least 2 rolls of black yarn)
  • Rattail Comb
  • Scissors
♥ What I Used ♥
  •  Organics Hair Mayonnaise
  • Suave Professionals Rosemary Mint Shampoo
  • Suave Naturals Strawberry Conditioner
  • ORS Professional Replenishing Deep Conditioner (ya'll already know! lol)
  • Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine Leave In Conditioner (yessssssuh...)
  • Avocado/Castor Oil Mix
  • Spray Bottle filled with Water
  • Hair Clips (at least 6 or more)
  • Duckbill Clips (2)
  • Plastic Caps (4)
  • Conair's Curvy Comb (I don't know the name) and Modified Denman Brush
  • Lighter
  • Red Heart Brand's Acrylic Yarn in Black and Blue (....lol..)
  • Rattail Comb (broken...rattail comb...lol)
  • Regular Scissors

Nelly's Start Off State: Hair was previously in 10 chunky twists from last week's wash day and locked down constantly all week underneath a satin bonnet and black scarf. I hadn't worn my hair out at all, so this is hair taken down from the twists, nothing added, nothing done to it....except fluffing for the cute twistout I wasn't going to wear out. lol

♥ The Installment Process ♥

1) From the start-off state (and after playing in it for awhile lol), I divided my hair into four (4) sections and clipped them up and away. Starting from the back section, I applied Organics Hair Mayonnaise to my hair in small to medium-sized sections within that section. After the hair was thoroughly coated inside and out of the treatment, I'll twist up that section and I move on to the next section and repeat. After the entire head was coated, I smoothed on whatever I had left of the treatment of the jar (since I use up pretty much all of it lol) and then covered my head in two (2) plastic caps and let the treatment sit for....lol 4 hours. (I actually fell asleep) I think I would probably recommend 1-2 hours. Just go off of what you think your hair needs. If your hair can't handle alot of protein or is protein sensitive, you should probably skip this step. I do protein treatments once a month, and I like to do them before any installment so that my hair can be strong during the install....but that's just me. :)

2) After the treatment has set in, I hop in the shower (or you could hop over the sink lol) to rinse out the treatment. I leave my hair in the four (4) twists as I rinse out with plain water. After most (if not all) of the treatment is rinsed, I will clip up three (3) twists and starting in one section (normally in the back), I'll take down the twist, continue rinsing and then apply my shampoo (which for this process was Suave Professionals Rosemary Mint Shampoo) and scrub into my scalp and then squeeze the shampoo throughout the length of my hair. Then rinse, I normally only shampoo once, but I will scratch my scalp a bit with one fingernail and if need be, I will do a second wash. Anyways, after that section is rinsed of shampoo, I then apply a good amount of Suave Naturals Strawberry Conditioner to the section, then twist it up and clip it away and repeat this process for the remaining three (3) twists. Then when the entire head is done, I will rinse the hair of all the conditioner while still in the twists.

3) After showering and all that jazz, hair should be completely clean and free of any product....as of now. My hair is already in four (4) twists as of now. In each twist, I'll go in and work with smaller pieces of that section and apply a good saturating amount of ORS Professional Replenishing Deep Conditioner and on top of that, my avocado/castor oil mix, and then detangle my hair from ends to root starting with my Conair Curvy Comb followed by my Modified Denman. When that section is thoroughly detangled, I will twist up that piece and finish up that section and repeat that process for the remaining three (3). If need be I will use my water bottle to wet up sections that have dried. Each of the four (4) sections will have three (3) twists in each (or more, depends on how small your sections are). Cover over with two (2) plastic caps and...you can either let it sit for an hour or more, but I let it soak in overnight. That's just my preference.

4) Haaa, now that it is now in the maaaarrrrnnnninnnnnk (morning people morning lol) I go to the sink this time and just rinse out the deep conditioner thoroughly while my hair is still in the twists. Rinse, rinse, RINSE! .....and rinse some more!

5) Time for the super supple moisturization, people! lol Now with this step, besides when I apply my deep conditioner, I am VERY heavy handed when it comes to applying my leave in. I don't know why, but I just love to see that conditioner gushing from my twists and running down my hands...it's like an obsession. So unless your leave-in//moisturizer costs an arm and a leg....and a few teeth....Don't. Be. SHY! We've got to set our hair up for the long journey ahead of us, people! lol

For this process I use Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine Leave In Conditioner ( a whopping three bucks a bottle!). I go into each of the (what should now be) 12 twists and completely saturate the hair in leave in conditioner. Really making sure the ends have enough and I rub it all through the section making sure every strand gets some. Then I twist up that twist and continue throughout. Afterwards, I take a little more leave in, apply it all over my roots. Take a little more and soak the nape. And take some more, and soak my edges. And take some more, and re-soak my ends. I'm very heavy-handed ya'll. I then take my oil mix, squeeze a very good amont of it in my hands and squeeze into the twists on one side. Take another good sized amount, and squeeze it into the twists on the other side. Then I take the oil mix (by the way mine is in an applicator bottle lol) and pour a bit on the ends of my twists. Going one by one, I'll pour a little oil on about the last three (3) inches of my twists and twirl it and do that for the remaining eleven (11) twists. I then take the oil and apply it to my scalp and then massage it on for a moment.

Hair should be soaking with conditioning GOODNESS! lol I then throw on my satin bonnet and let it airdry while I prep the yarn.

6) Honestly, you can be prepping the yarn while the protein treament is settling in to save time but this is just me procrastinating. lol Most people use chairs, but as long as you have something SQUARE this process should work. I have a fish bait box that I use for all my accessories and whatnots, so I normally use this.

Basically what you want to do is take some yarn, wrap it around the square item a few times until it's wrapped around three, maybe four times. Take the two duckbill clips, and clip them onto the yarn where the starting piece is. Continue to wrap the yarn around until the skein (or yarn roll) ends and then take the scissors and cut where the duckbill clips are and there you have a good chunk of yarn to work with! I have a picture of this, I just hope it's clear enough for you...lol

7) When all the yarn is prepped, you'll probably only need half of the remain skein. Depends on how small and how thick you want your yarn braids to be. But anyways, take some of your leave in//moisturizer and coat the yarn with it. Well, I coat mine like I would my hair but that's only because my leave in is so cheap and accessible. lol Soooo yeah.

8) Now begins the yarn braid install. Section the hair into 6 vertical sections (or more). From bird's eye view, your parting should sort of resemble a pin wheel look. lol

I, of course, start at the very back. I start from the bottom of each section and part small, maybe one inch rows. A bit smaller as I get towards the top though to add a little more "fullness" I suppose. Though quick note, I never really try to do my nape pieces especially too small because of the nape's fragile nature. My nape is already shorter than the rest of my hair, doing a part too small could aid in breakage, and not prevent it. I also try to do my edges a bit bigger than the rest of my hair for the same reason. Though my edges have gotten pretty strong but still, no super teeny tiny parts....you know if the purpose of you doing this style is for growth retention. If it's just for the look of it, then by all means, do what you want. But if it's growth you're looking for, I don't recommend going super small, especially around the edges and nape.

Okay, now that we have a piece of hair sectioned off in that row, Take however many pieces of yarn you're going to work with (for the majority of this style I used only two strands). I don't do that loop-one-piece-around-the-other-piece thing that I've seen other youtubers do. I just take the yarn by the middle of it's length, even it out on both sides, and braid it on in. No special technique or anything, honestly. When it comes to the last two inches of my hair, there should be *two strings of yarn* *your hair* *two more strings of yarn*. Take one strand of yarn from each side and add it to your hair so that you now have *one piece of yarn* *your hair and two pieces of yarn* *one piece of yarn* and continue braiding all the way. When you get to the end, burn the tips right before the loose ends and rub the burned piece so that it'll close up, and then cut away all the excess. If need be, burn the tip a bit more and roll it for security.

Repeat this step ALLLLLLLL THROUGHOUT YOUR HEAD!!......Yah...

9) Uhhh...basically that's it. Well, I can give you this tip. When you get to the very front section, if you don't want a specific *part* in your hair (like I never do herelately lol), when you part a row, do a braid on one end of the row, and then do a braid on the other end of the row, and continue alternating that pattern. The braids will fall wherever, especially the older it gets and the more your hair grows.

♥ Some Tips/Notes/Whathaveyou's ♥

*If you're gonna do highlight colors and your real hair is not dyed that color, do the highlight colors in the back underneath the black braids so that the obvious contrast of your hair and the yarn won't be showing to the entire world. Especially if your hair has some length, try to keep these concealed in the back.

*If you're trying to use this style for growth retention purposes, then the bigger the parting the better. Hair is stronger when more strands are together (if that made any sense). So, especially around the nape and edges (cause I know alot of people suffer losing their edges because of braid installs), make the bigger parts around these areas and don't braid too tightly. If it hurts to move the braid after you've gotten down some ways, yeah, it's too tight.

*Be careful with burning the tips. My yarn ends always have that light brown look because I always burn them for too long lol but I need security! If you DON'T like this look, then I suggest burning them for 3 seconds or less cause they will start browning after that.

*Longer yarn braids require a bigger item to wrap the yarn around. Shorter yarn braids require a smaller item to wrap around.

*If you want thicker (bigger) yarn braids, then use more strands of yarn. I used 3 strands towards the top, but majority of this was only using 2 strands on each piece.

*Keep the parts CLEAN. After 3 to 4 weeks of wearing them, your new growth CAN matt in this style, so just be careful. o.o"

But ummm, yeah, there you have it. That's all I do when I do my yarn braids. This is not my *normal* wash day process though, only when I have to do a protein treatment which, like I said, only happens once a month. Any other wash day, I would deep condition first, shampoo, rinse, moisturize, seal, and massage and wrap it up but this is kinda similar soooo yeah. I hope you enjoyed the crappiest tutorial I've ever done. lol In a month from now, I'll be onto something else! ♥

~ keep calm'n coily ~

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