Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I'm Getting Bad With Updates...

And I don't even have pichas. =| eeeyeeeaaaah.... lol

But I will update on how Nelly has been.

The small twists have been out for a good two weeks or so now. When I took them out, I wore the twistout for a couple days, some days loose the rest of the time it was bunned and scarved. After that, I FINALLY found the time to do a protein treatment with Organics Hair Mayonnaise as last time. I'm starting to love that for my monthly protein treatments herelately. Did that, I was sooo tired though I ended up leaving that in for a good 3 HOURS instead of my usual one. I totally knocked out so I thought my hair was gonna be so hard and knotted when I went to go rinse it out. And surprisingly it wasn't.

Nelly was incredibly soft and springy and absolutely coily, I LOVED it!! I had no problems with my hair at all! So after shampooing, I then added in my deep conditioner and sealed it with my oil mix, also detangled my hair into my now-usual 10 twists (5 on each side). I now use this double-sided wide tooth comb from Conair that I purchased in walmart and also my denman. I just can't do the exclusive finger detangling anymore. I'm too impatient to do it RIGHT and my hair starts matting and suffers from it so...oh well. It's just not for everyone I suppose. I think my little Nelly loves her denman brush actually. They're like best friends. lol

Then for that week all I really did was moisturize every other day and keep my hair bunned and scarved up until the next wash day (wash day LAST saturday from now) which was just a regular deep condition, shampoo, moisturize and seal session and again, bunned and scarved since.

I've been REALLY lazy with my hair. Guess that's why I haven't had any real updates. lol But I've been mega busy with other things (mainly work.....ahem...) and just don't have the time to style my hair anymore. And the little time I do have to do it I want it to be done as fast as possible so I can go to sleep. lol So it's either wear my hair loose all the time or keep it bunned. And since I'm still actively growing my hair and trying to retain all my length, I don't want to risk a lot of damage from wearing my hair out all the time and letting my ends rub up against all kinds of rough material that I may come across.

And also, I won't really spoil but I am VERY impressed at how well my hair has been turning out lately. VERY impressed. But you'll have to stay tuned until the end of the year to see for yourself. ;)

~keep calm'n coily~

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