Saturday, October 26, 2013

Ehh Same Ol' Same Ol'....

One day I'll actually give you guys a picture tutorial of my wash day and I won't be so lazy about snapping all those pichas and whatnots. I'm getting back on my grind with this guys, slowly but surely. But hey, I'm keepin it Calm 'n Coily over here! xD

Anyways, whenever I start wash day, my hair normally looks something like this:

A big ol' fluffy, frizzy mess. This was hair taken down from the 10 chunky twists I had been wearing underneath a satin bonnet and scarf for the whole I do every week.... :P I decided to play in it this time and fluff it some more and make it bigger. I'm actually impressed with how big my hair came out and how thick it looked! But the pictures honestly don't do much justice here, and it's not even really about the LOOK of it. It's how it FELT. Gawd, if there was a "feel" button on cameras for you viewers, I promise I would probably overuse it. lol It felt like clouds on a nice chill day. Like my hand was just resting on a cloud. So fluffy, so, MAN I was loving Nelly! But it held absolutely no definition. I only moisturize, I don't use any products that intend for it to give a defined look. I usually only remoisturize with garnier sleek and shine leave in and my oil mix and as I said sometime before, that just AIN'T enough for my hair to hold a defined style for too long past the takedown phase. lol

But anyways, after playing in my bouncy tendrils, I proceeded to my normal wash day routine which consists of spritzing down with water and applying deep conditioner and oil to my hair, the detangling with my conair curvy comb and soon after my denman, then twisting that section up and repeating. I let it sit for.....well, I mean I did fall asleep. lol So it was in for a good four or five hours......possibly 6....? And then hopped in the shower to shampoo (and sing lol) and lightly re-condition and rinse again. Hopped out and let it airdry for about fourty-five minutes and then started moisturizing. I don't know why I let it airdry when I get out of the shower, I just do. It's nothing scientific behind that process other than the fact that I'm........lazy. Well OH WELL people OH WELL!!!! lol

But anyways, moisturize (and I do mean SATURATE) with my leave in first all around the twists in my head. Then I go back and apply oil to my twists, to my ends and coil it in, and then apply it on my scalp and massage it on in for a good minute or so. After that, wash day is deemed COMPLETE and a satin bonnet is placed over to let it airdry and...well, that bonnet never really comes off until NEXT wash day.

My after wash day twists look a little something like this:

And these are my ends. They got a little swag huh? lol:

Annnnnd that's pretty much it. Past this phase, nothing else happens. My hair never comes out of those twists I promise you. I'm an undercover Ms. Celie all day....everyday. And every 7 days this process happens like real deal clockwork. Ya'll ain't missing out on nothing. I promise. ;)

~keep calm 'n coily~

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