Sunday, October 20, 2013

A Challenge Check In?

It has been 3.5 months since I've been on the *Super Spurt Challenge* that started the first of July. I've been abiding by those rules pretty much, I haven't detoured from the rules of that challenge really at all....probably with the "moisturizing every single day" rule. Ahem, okay so I still moisturize like once a week, but with the way I moisturize on wash day, Nelly doesn't need to be re-moisturized until like four days from then. And then in another three, it's time for another wash day. lol

And like I stated before, I really don't style it more than my hair under a bonnet under a scarf and that's basically it. I honestly have done NOTHING to my hair since this challenge has begun with the exception of some yarn braids and some small-ish twists, but other than that....nothing. This challenge was created for the hair lazy folks at heart! lol

I'm still trying to keep true to my no length checkin promise as well though I will admit that I do stretch it sometimes when I'm in the process of moisturizing and sealing it on wash day. And I would love to tell you guys what's up with that and everything BUT I am saving that reveal for the end of the year. You and I and all my hair products shall all be shocked by the progress.

But besides that, holding true to alot of everything. No heat, no trims, no wearing my hair loose, no none of that. It's just the same ol' same ol' but I definitely notice some more length coming about. But how much length? Well, you will just have to stay tuned! :)

And oh! I've spoken about this double-sided comb before but this comb right hurr....

♥___♥ Yaaassssssss.

That's all I can say about this comb right here! This comb in combination with my modified denman gives me the easiest detangling session ever! For some reason I lose less hair using this comb than I did using my other conair shower comb. I won't say my breakage is 100% eliminated, but I notice alot less hairs coming out most definitely.

So yeah, no more finger detangling (well exclusively anyways) for me. I only use detangling tools on wash day anyway, so that's like once a week and if I do yarn braids once a month. So it's really nothing all that serious if ya ask me.

My ends are still looking good and all coily and all that jazz. Surprisingly, after 3.5 months they still have the slightest sign that they need even a tiny 1/4 of an inch to be trimmed off. My ends still look as if I just trimmed them yesterday that's how good they feel!

I think this new hair laziness is the best thing that ever happened to Nelly since.......well, since I big chopped. xD

But that's all, that is IT ya'll! I'll try to stop being so lazy with the picture taking but honestly, it's the last thing I think about. In a little while I'll be starting back school, I just found out that my teachers found me a scholarship so I can get back to taking my classes again. I'm also trying to get a car and all that jazz so honestly the last thing I'm thinking about is taking a hair pic.

Which is weird cause that used to be all I thought about. lol!

~keep calm'n coily~

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