Saturday, September 14, 2013

Denmans 'n Ends 'n Twists Oh My!

So I've had a MUCH better wash day. I've gone back to the beloved thing that I've been trying not to use for the past.....two years honestly. The only time I really used my denman was to smooth out the hair before I trimmed my ends. I never really made it a mission to use my denman for the only thing to detangle my hair unless I had finger combed and combed with my shower comb first.

But this wash day was different. Ya'll know I haven't been feeling finger detangling because my roots kept matting and apparently I wasn't doing it right and obviously did have the patience to spend hours and hours detangling one section of my hair (just wasn't having that). So I decided to go back to a method that alot of people have been deterring from and went back to using that gawd forsaken DENMAN (eh mah gawd eh mah gawd eh mah GAWD!!!! lol).

Wash day went on as it normally would starting off with deep conditioning. My hair was separated into 4 sections and within each section I took a small-ish medium-sized section, spritzed with water, then coated with my deep conditioner and on top of that my oil mix to add extra slip, then went in and gently detangled my hair from tips to roots. It really wasn't that bad at ALL. My hair felt uber detangled and at least 99% rid of shed hair, it was coily my ends were popping all that good stuff.

After that let the deep conditioner set in, then rinsed, shampooed, conditioned and rinsed that out. Then moisturized and sealed and massaged my scalp and my hair was left to airdry in those twists for about 2 days.

THEN after lurking a hair forum and coming across a member with incredibly gorgeous mini twists, I got the bright idea to do them myself! Mine didn't exactly come out *mini*'s smaller than I normally do them. And smaller than I normally have the energy to do them. Maybe next time I'll do them smaller because I actually really love this set!

I didn't have to remoisturize since my hair was still good and moist from wash day's moisturization (sp??). All I really added was avocado butter to each section before twisted. Since my hair was still very well detangled, all that was really necessary was to finger detangle each section a bit before twisting it and that was it. This process was spread over the course of two days and took me probably about 10-14 hours to do. Just me guesstimatin though but it did take a while.

I really love this set though and plan on keeping them in long as I can. I'd like to keep them in for about a month but it'll probably be more likely that they only last for 2 weeks. =P But we'll see.

I may alternate between these and yarn braids for the rest of the year. I'll be moisturizing every other day or as needed by spritzing the ends with water, applying a bit of my garnier leave in and sealing in with an oil but I'll be oiling and massaging my scalp daily. I wrap them nightly and just fluff in the morning. Not too big of a maintenance issue here. I...don't....know...if I'll be washing them weekly or bi-weekly, but I'll see. It will really depend on how busy I get or how lazy I am. Being hair lazy reeeally seems to be working for me. lol But ummmm yarrrr, that's it. For now.

I'm just REALLY itching to do a true length check right now. REALLY eager. lol

~keep calm'n coily~

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