Sunday, September 22, 2013

A Small Update for thee Small Twists ♥

I've reeeeaaally been loving my small twists this week. But they are starting to get rather old and within the next week, I may be taking them down.

Truthfully, I haven't kept up with my moisturizing game at ALL. I think I've moisturized them once since installing them....teehee. But my hair has been soft all week. I just noticed yesterday that my ends were starting to feel a tad bit dry yesterday which prompted me to moisturize them today.

I moisturize my hair in sections, which end up into about 6 twists. All I did was spritz the ends thoroughly with water, then applied garnier leave in and sealed it all in with my oil mix then twisted up that section and continued through the rest of my head. After my hair was moisturized, I then oiled my scalp and massaged it in for a moment before covering it over with my bonnet.

I haven't even maintained a nightly routine for my hair. Normally I would wrap my twists, but lately all I do is just cover it my satin bonnet, regardless the style that it's in, and then just go to sleep.....Yah. So I haven't been doing anything to prolong the "freshness" of this style but is what it is. lol

But honestly, I have been REALLY loving the way my twists look, and my ends are still looking great. Hoorah! I may or may not just freshen up the edges and keep them in longer....or not. It really depends on what I'm feeling. But hey, so far so good!

~keep calm'n coily~

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