Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Week 1 In Yarn Braids

This wash day was definitely NECCESSARY. I mean my head was just itching like crazy all week and I couldn't find the time to wash it...just busy with work. :p Constantly being in this crazy heat catching buses wasn't helping, it only made the itchies worse! Haaaa, and it was only the first week.

Buuut, I think I've gotten alot of growth this week. Perhaps my weekly 1/4 inch? Which means I could be on my way to getting an inch of growth for the month of August! Yaaay! To wash my yarn braids, I did as I normally do and divided my hair down the middle into two halves then got in the shower. Rinsed one side with water, shampooed, and applied globs of suave naturals conditioner, bunned that section up then washed the other side. Took down both sides and added some extra conditioner around the edges and nape while I put it in a top-knot sort of bun and finished my showerly rituals.

Finally rinsed all the conditioner now and have been letting it airdry loosely for hours now. It's still pretty damp but it's more dry than wet now. It's important to let the yarn braids dry while being loose and not tied in a ponytail I've learned with the yarn twists...if you don't allow the yarn to completely dry it WILL retain a STRONG and horrible mildew smell. XP

As of now I'm about to oil and massage my scalp and call it a day for the yarn braids. I still the love the funky colors of them all though, and my parting still looks really good though I do have a lot more new growth pouring out. I think I've only grown and retained 1/4 of an inch but the back looks like week 2 or week 3 or something. Not sure what's going on back there but I'm glad I'm not scratching the devil out of it anymore. :p

~Keep Calm'n Coily~


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