Sunday, August 25, 2013

I Sense GROWF!!!

I'm super excited and seriously trying to staple my hands to the wall to keep from taking a picture and doing an official length check, but I seriously think I may be MBL right now....I think it could be really possible.

I'm in the process currently of taking down my yarn braids. They have served me SO WELL this month, especially with all this unpredictable rain (can't TELL you how many times my hair had gotten seriously SOAKED from the lovely unpredictable weather of HOT Floriderrr....). So far I have only taken down maybe a little more than half of my hair. I intended to try and take it all down today but taking these braids down take soooo long. That's the only thing with my yarn braids, the install and takedown process. That's pretty much all that really irks me about this style.

Other than that, I've had them in for almost 4 weeks. I believe when I started taking these down (yesterday) I was about 2 days shy of making 4 weeks post. But that's okay. I grew and retained an inch this month which is great which means I'm definitely on a roll to making waist length by the end of the year. If I am actually MBL like I feel like I am, than waist length seems like more a reality than it did before! 2 inches down, 4 more to go.....and 4 months left.... =/

So wanna be waist length right now.

But on another small achievement, I really love the way my bun looked tonight. Normally I make my buns in a special way to give it fullness. I would first make a ponytail and then tuck the ends underneath to give my buns a nice full look. But tonight, even with only half of my hair undone, I managed to make a twisted donut bun using only two bobby pins. I NEVER do buns like this because the bun part always looks me. lol But tonight it actually looked pretty nice and full and I was pretty pleased. :)

What else is gonna happen? Hmmm. Well, after I take these out I want to do a protein treatment then deep condition and carry on wash day like...any other wash day. And then maybe within a week or two I'll be putting in another set of yarn braids. Honestly, I just love the ease and maintenance of this style, besides I'm about to start working a lot more (saving up ya'll!) and running around alot and.....most likely getting caught in the rain. So the last thing I want to be worried about is my hair frizzing out and shrinking and tangling and all that other.....extra stuff. I just want it to grow without having to do anything to it. And besides, it's still rather HAWT to be trying to wear braidouts and twistouts and whatever else. Perhaps when the weather decides to love us humans a little bit and cool off some, I'll start wearing my hair out more. I must say I am a bit eager to see the length of my braidouts and everything.

So until then.....

~Keep Calm'n Coily ~

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