Monday, July 22, 2013

Wash Day Afterwards....sorta

Soo, about a day or whatever after wash day ends...Nelly finally DRIIIEESSSS!!!! lol Without a blowdryer, any style that's done on relatively *wet* hair will take at least a day to dry. That's why I tend to do my "-out" styles on dry hair that's been dampened a bit with water if I plan on wearing it the next day. But more times than usually, I'll put in some braids or twists with the intentions of wearing them for a couple of days so ironically, the "not-dry-in-24-hours" thing isn't really an issue for me. I think I'm beyond hair lazy you guys. lol

So but anyways, this is my hurrr after it has been completely dry. Technically it's not a "style" but (for me anyways) with quite a bit of fluffing and accessorizing can be turned into a....type...of a...twistout. =/ lol It's one of those styles that will "work when it needs to work". It is absolutely soft and soooo fluffy and I love it. It has some definition but not really but since I didn't use any type of holding product or something that will give a little more hold to it (because for my hair, leave in and oil alone won't really DO it...) it really bushed out without adding anything to it. lol But I loved it nevertheless. I think I've found a new wash day routine. ;)

At least one to help me out of my styling rut anyways. :D

Now from this style, I'm thinking about trying big bantu knots.............naaaaah. No, bantu knot outs and I just DON'T get along I don't know what it IS but them bantu knot outs make me look like...I don't even know. I think my head is too big for curly styles like that. Which is why I stand firmly by my twistouts and braidouts. They're wavy...not...curly. lol But, I guess I'll update later (or not) on what I do with them next. We shall see...

~ keep calm'n coily ~

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