Tuesday, July 30, 2013

My Funky Yarn Braids!

Instead going for my usual mature set of yarn braids that are all black, I got the urge to do my yarn braids like last time and add some highlights again. The last time, they were only brown highlights, but this time I added purple and pink along with brown to add a little fun and *pizazz* to 'em. I have to say I absolutely LOVE this set of yarn braids! I think I may do more of them this way adding in a few different colors, I like the character it adds.

So but anyways, like any other time, I went through my normal wash day process. Deep condition, shampoo, finger detangle and moisturize afterwards though I must say I think I am REALLY over finger detangling. While going through to part my hair (and I parted mainly with my fingers), my roots were sooooo MATTED. It was pretty tough trying to part through it and I think that's what took me so much longer to put them in.

My hair had been moisturized as usual on wash day with garnier's sleek and shine leave in and sealed in with my oil mix and left to airdry for about two days I believe. It was still very soft when I started on this install but completely dry. To install the yarn braids, I only used Camille Rose Naturals' Almond Jai Twisting Butter annnnnnd that was it. Initially I did spray the black yarn with Oyin Juices and Berries Liquid Leave In but I didn't do it for the rest of the yarn that I cut after the first round of black yarn (the purple, the brown, the pink, and the second round of black yarn).

For specifics, it took about two and a half days to do, for an estimation, possibly 15 hours. Wow. Yeah. Ummm, it took one and....a quarter of 2 bundles of Red Heart's black acrylic yarn. For the different colored yarn it was the same brand, different color...obviously. =/ lol Ummm, what else? Yes I did do them fairly small, I don't know what on EARF possessed me too but that's most likely why it took me longer than I expected to cause I do them fairly big especially around the edges. I plan on keeping them in for a month, but I would LOVE to prolong this style for two months but we shall see how that fairs out. For maintenance, I'll do as I usually try to do and spritz daily and oiling and massaging my scalp on a nightly basis probably after the first week of wearing them. That depends on how fast they start looking fuzzy.

But umm, yeah, that's pretty much it. I really, really ♥ this set of yarn braids! I think this is my favorite set yet!

I think after wearing them for a minute, I will try to braid them and get a crinkly look with them but my only thing is that it will take forEVER to dry. So it probably won't even hold but I'll try it anyways. Possibly around week 2. So stick around...or not.

~ Keep Calm'n Coily ~

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