Saturday, July 20, 2013

Finally, A Shorter WASH DAY!!!

Well, the shortest wash day I've had thus far. It could've been shorter but in some aspects I like to prolong the time such as deep conditioning or whatever but altogether, the process of actually manipulating my hair takes about 2 hours at the most. YES! I still use my ors replenishing deep conditioner and garnier sleek and shine leave in because no matter what I do, I STILL get those little broken strands. So I figured that maybe for my hair, eliminating breakage 100% is pretty much inevitable. It's not like it's hindering me, it's not even a LOT I just wanted to prevent it as much as possible. I just wanted to try and eliminate it 100% and it's probably not doable for my particular type of hair. Ahh well, but here is my wash day process thus far...

  • I start off by deep conditioning. All I do is take a section of hair, spritz it down with water, and apply my deep conditioner followed by my oil mix to help close it all in. Cover it with two plastic caps and my satin bonnet and let it sit. I have to let my deep conditioner sit for at least an hour, today I let it sit for 1.5 hours.
  • Hopped in the shower, I washed my hair in 2 sections (in twists of course). On one half, rinsed hair of conditioner and oil, then shampooed the scalp and kinda squeezed it down through the twists, then rinsed. Then unraveled the twists, applied a bit of conditioner and separated that half into 2 sections and twisted each section. Repeated on other half of head.
  • When that was all done, went section by section unraveling the twist first then dipping it under the running water and then saturating it with conditioner. I only use suave naturals because its cheap and my hair responds so well to it, so I definitely use alot of this conditioner especially when detangling. Half of the family sized bottle is used for only one detangling session. LOL!
  • I proceed to finger detangled first with just conditioner then as the hair starts to dry and starts trying to shrink I will dip under the running water every now and then to make the hair slippery again as I finish finger detangling. I repeat this process as often as needed untit I feel that the hair is detangled. I use extra conditioner at the roots to make sure it doesn't mesh up on me later.
  • After that rinse, twist up, and repeat on other sections.
  • Out of shower, I do let the hair airdy up to about 70-80% before I go into moisturize and seal. My hair is in 4 big twists at this step no matter how I started the process. Each twist will make 2 twists so in the end I end up with 8 twists. Then I go into oil my scalp first and massage it, then I squirt some oil in my hands and run it and squeeze down and into the twists and finally I drip some oil on the ends of each twists and twirl the ends to make sure it's really good and sealed in.
  • After that I will go and retwist each section to make it look neater then bantu knot it as I continue this step with the remaining 7 twists.
  • I then take down each bantu knot one at a time to stretch the twist over my head and bobby pin it down in place (thanks Naptural85!!!) and then leave off the scarf and bonnet and let it airdry during the day and at night I'll tie it down and unravel in the morning (or depending how I feel just scarf it for the day =/)
It seems long when written out (lol!) but this process is actually very easy and fast. Applying the deep conditioner takes no more than 30 minutes, shampooing takes about 2 minutes on each side, finger detangling takes about 10-15 minutes, maybe less than that, and finally moisturizing/sealing/styling took about 30 minutes. So yeah, no more than 2 hours! YES! Finally getting a good system that I can keep up with!

I've been extremely lazy about styling. I am ALWAYS underneath a satin bonnet and my black scarf. lol I also do keep up with moisturizing everyday whether it's using my leave in or just spritzing it with water. I think my hair is really and truly growing, I was kind of stretching it and I think I may be getting kind of close to midback length already......o_O" Resisting. The do....LENGTH....CHECK. lol!

~ keep calm'n coily ~

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