Monday, July 8, 2013

A Mother-Earthly Type of Wash Day

So, after realizing that my two beloved products (ORS Replenishing Deep Conditioner and Garnier Fructis' Sleek and Shine Leave In) may be the culprits causing my hair random bitty breakage pieces during wash day, I decided to limit my use of cosmetic products altogether and just used what Mother Nature gave us.

It started with a Bentonite Clay Treatment to cleanse my hair of any buildup or whathaveyou. I mixed about half a ceramic bowl of bentonite clay, with maybe a cup of apple cider vinegar. Then the whole thing started fizzing up like a science project so I then immediately took it to my bathroom sink and added in a little water at a time until it became a fairly smooth consistency (though it still had a lot of lumps in it). After that, I then added in a good amount of both avocado oil and castor oil and thoroughly mixed them in with the clay. I had a very thick consistency, like mud patty consistency. lol Yes, mud patties. lol

My hair was then sectioned into 4 parts, and within each part, I took a medium sized section and applied the bentonite clay from root to tip trying to make sure I got it everywhere, especially on my scalp. I used all of it, and then I let it sit for about twenty to twenty-five minutes. Now the last time I used this (which was like two years ago) I experienced an EXTREMELY bad burning sensation within the first 10 minutes which is what caused me to leave it alone for those two years. But this time, maybe because it's older or my scalp has gotten stronger, I didn't really experience any tingling of any kind. I did not cover my hair or pin it up in any way, the clay was hardening fast and I didn't want to risk any unecessary breakage so I just let it draw up.

Next step was to hop in the shower and rinse it out and ya'll....ya'll. My coils was just POPPING yesterday, I feel so bad that I didn't get any pictures! They were very well defined and my hair felt soooo soft without addition of ANYTHING. It felt as if I had just deep conditioned or something, I just might be doing these treatments at least once a month. And so, after enjoying the way my curls popped, I then proceeded to saturate it in suave naturals conditioner and then divide my hair into two halves down the middle. Then on one half, I divided that into two, then clipped away the other part. With the section I was working with, I GLOBBED on that conditioner, and I mean GLOBBED it heavily into the hair. And then proceeded to finger detangle. O_O"

I must say that finger detangling, for me at least, works best when done in the shower with the water running. What I did was wet the section first with water then globbed on the conditioner heavily, then gave it a quick rinse of water and began finger detangling. Whenever I felt the hair "drying out" I would quickly dip it under the water and if necessary apply some more conditioner and keep on finger detangling. Doing it this way, I even got my ROOTS thoroughly detangled which I hardly ever do cause that part is always the hardest to get through with only my fingers. When done in the shower under running water, it was pretty much a breeze. I couldn't believe it, and I got pretty much ALL of my shedded hairs out, I know I did. And AND didn't even see that many little broken hairs. I saw a few of them >_< but I'm starting to think maybe cutting out breakage 100% is inevitable. Haaaa...

I did that for all 4 sections. Another note, I didn't finger detangle in small sections either. I ended up having 4 sections and I detangled all four sections as a whole. I couldn't believe it!

After that, I rinsed out all the conditioner and then after I got out the shower, applied lots of oil over each section til the oil was oozing out of the hair and then covered with a plastic cap. After about an hour or so, I rinsed it with water only and whatever remaining oil I let stay in the hair while it airdried throughout the day and overnight. And right now my hair looks the shiniest I've seen in a WHILE. I'm sorry I really don't have pics of this magnicificent event (I gotta get on my picture game ya'll lol) but I'm telling you, this was thee best wash day EVUR!!! lol

Mother Nature don't be playin man...

~ keep calm'n coily ~

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