Sunday, June 2, 2013

Yarn Twists!

Kay, this post is waaaaaay overdue. lol Actually, yesterday on Saturday made one week. lol And I don't have pics on that but anyways, I'll try to be as specific as I can about the install and maintenance of these yarn twists.

But let me start out by saying I LOVE THEM!!!!! lol Gosh, I think this is a new favorite. So but anyways, lets see how this went.

Two days prior to install, I went about my normal wash day routine. Since I didn't have much of my trusty deep conditioner left, I did it a little different which I think I'll be doing from now on. After applying enough deep conditioner to coat a section of my hair, since it wasn't enough slip (or as much as I'm used to) I coated that section with my oil mix (avocado and castor oil) and made sure I really got the oil on each and every section and especially on the ends. My purpose as to increase the slip in my hair for detangling which it did, greatly, but after it was rinsed and shampooed out my hair felt incredibly luxurious and soft and I mean more than normal. Just delightful!

But anyways, left that in for a good little while, maybe like 2 or 3 hours (can't really remember...) and then went into detangle with my wide tooth comb. Very gently, lost little hair this time so I take the oil REALLY added a great deal of slip! Will definitely be doing that from now on. :)

After that, washed and went out my wash day as normal (shampoo, light re-condition, rinse, moisturize, seal, oil/massage scalp, airdry, done) and after that for the next couple of days I wore those same wash day twists (which were 6 chunky twists) underneath my satin bonnet and black scarf or my black beanie that I had just finished crocheting and did nothing else to my hair.

Then after those two days, FINALLY got the time to do my hair. I had been so busy all week so I really had to squeeze in this style. lol I started on it on Saturday spending about 4 hours to do the fron half of my head and then finished it on Tuesday (didn't have the time) spending about 2.5 to finish the back portions. I took down all 6 twists and sectioned them into 8 chunky twists. 6 around the perimeter of my head, and 2 in the middle. Then with each section, I would spray with my aloe vera juice, then remoisturize with my sleek and shine leave in. After that I would part a row of hair, and take a small section of hair, then applied Camille Rose's Almond Jai Butter (which I have to say is becoming a favorite product!) and then twisted in the yarn.

Should I have also mentioned that the yarn was pre-"moisturized" with my sleek and shine leave in as well? Yeah? was. lol I braided down 2 to 3 times and then begin twisting in the hair all the way down. I made them relatively short than I'm accustomed to so they kind of fall around my shoulders. But I have learned that my hair is too long to do any short installs with. In these twists, my hair is about 90% of the yarn. On one twists, as I was burning the ends I think I may have scorched a bit of my ends. lol! Talk about a good trimmin!! lol It was only on one of my twists though and that's what made me decide to do the back a bit longer.

As for maintenance, for me I tend to usually do alot less to my install styles for the first week, then after my first wash or generally just the first week, I take care of my hair alot more as if it were my loose hair. So this week, I generally just tied it down everynight and...that was it. Then I had my wash day on...Friday....yah Friday. Washed with shampoo, light condition with suave naturals and rinse, and then I moisturized with sleek and shine leave in and oiled and massaged my scalp and then blowdried my hair until it was like...70% dry, trying to get rid of the drippies as much as possible since yarn takes forever to dry! Actually it's STILL drying.

As for maintenance, I'll go back to moisturizing with leave in, then oiling and massaging my scalp at least 2x a week. That's usually all my hair needs (and really all I can remember) to get through to the next wash day. I'm contemplating deep conditioning next wash day but I think this little routine is okay. But anyways, eeeeeyeeeeeaaaah that's all. Week 2 shall have some pics!

~ Keep Calm'n Coily ~

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