Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Yarn Twists--Week 2


These pics were actually taken on Saturday but I just now found the time to write about them.

Since these pics, I did wash my hair for a second time yesterday and although wash day went like any other wash day with a yarn install...I'm so ready to take these things out.

My hair is totally frizzing out! I'm sure part of that has something to do with how fast my hair grows, but I mean out of the twists itself. Even with smaller parting, I guess yarn twists can't handle the.......detailed maintenance that I do with my yarn braids. Yarn twists (for my hair at least) is not made to be washed, constantly misted and all that other good stuff. The first week was pretty much the only week my hair looked decent but after my first wash, my hair totally started frizzing out.

As soon as I get the time to (possibly tomorrow) I will be taking these down. Apparently this style is good enough to last 2 weeks and...that's it. At least for me it is. My yarn braids continue to win hands down against every install I choose. Marley twists, Kanekalon braid extensions, and now Yarn Twists. Since I've tried them all, let's see how I feel about them.

Kanekalon Braid Extensions

  • Great for having that nice, human hair look
  • Easy to set (if you want curls, or waves, etc.)
  • Doesn't take three hundred and fourty-somethin days to dry!
  • Frizzes impeccably fast (for me at least)
  • Tends to slip out easily (thank goodness my hair is fairly long now)
  • It makes my face itch.
  • Fairly cheap style...depends on what hair you used. I bought 10 packs at about $0.50 each...

Marley Twists

  • They look awesome!
  • Easy install, easy takedown :)
  • Rather easy to refresh
  • Frizz easily
  • Doesn't last longer than a week (without refreshing)
  • Price depends. I do mine large, so at 3 packs it costs $15, but if you do smaller...the hair and your wallet might not be such good friends...

Yarn Twists


  • Love the look of yarn twists when freshly done!
  • Easy install, easy takedown
  • Absorbs moisture
  • Cheap style! 2 large bundles for about $10. :)
  • Were not made to be washed
  • They frizz up a LOT ironically
  • Takes forever to dry!

Yarn Braids

  • Like yarn twists, I LOVE the look of yarn braids!!
  • They can last me a month even without refreshing so much
  • Easy to moisturize and very absorbent
  • Ironically, doesn't frizz up that easily (guess cause it's braided in)
  • Like the yarn twists, it's a cheap style! 2 large bundles for $10!!
  • Out of everything, this has to have thee LONGEST install and takedown process :(
  • After washing, takes FOREVER and twenty years to dry!

Yeah, so I'm very partial to my yarn braids you guys. They are my ultimate in absolute LAZINESS, the other ones require too much maintenance to "look" decent. I guess I may be a bit biased but...whatevuuuuur! lol My hair loves them and thrives the most with yarn braids! And I'll continue to use them...specially throughout summer time! ;)

~Keep Calm'n Coily~


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you HarpAsh! I think this style is actually really good and simple in maintenance. But for the way I maintain my hair, it didn't really work for me. But a great alternative to yarn braids (as far as installation and take down times go).

    2. Yes, I did mine very chunky (about 9 strands per twist). And taking them down wasn't hard but detangling was sort of.

    3. Nine strands? How'd that hold up for you? Did you wash them frequently? I found that oiling my scalp daily when I have installs in actually makes for a very easy takedown (especially when you're trying to get that buildup at the roots out). Thanks for your input HarAsh!

    4. It held up very well. I used yarn and it's really crucial to make sure all the strands are even or else the short strands will pop out and make the twist look worn. I only washed them once because yarn gets really heavy when wet and I wanted to avoid that. I'm thinking about witch hazel to clean my scalp. I don't oil my scalp that much because I get too much buildup.