Friday, June 14, 2013

Wash Day: Unleashed

Yesterday I had finished the takedown of my yarn twists and enjoyed my mega huge hair before stuffing into a loose bun and falling asleep. lol I had no intentions of washing my hair that day.

And so I thought I'd get started on it today right? Yeah....well. Note to self: never EVER wash hair when Uncle TOM comes over. *ahem*

But other than that, wash day was surprisingly excellent! I think I've finally made a combat on those little crescent-shaped broken hairs that I'm always finding. Of course, as I sit here typing I am currently deep conditioning and I still have not yet detangled my hair. Just not feeling up to that task right now. But I'll tell you how I got up to this point:

  1. Started by applying Organics Hair Mayonnaise (an old classic for $4 from walmart) to my hair in sections. Ended up having 10 twists (5 on each side) saturated in this protein conditioner. It's a heavy protein MADE to pack a punch of strength into the hair shaft so I figured this *better* werk...ya'll know. I used that WHOLE jar. Of course I was slightly heavy handed but imagine my surprise when I'm about 75% through my hair and my fingertips start hitting the bottom of the jar. lol And it's an 18 oz jar ya'll, this wasn't no itty bitty bucket. lol
  2. Let that sit for about 20-25 minutes under two plastic caps. Remember, it's protein (and alot of it). Do NOT let protein treatments stay on your hair for longer than 30 minutes unless instructions say otherwise or you could end up with some serious protein-overloaded hair. =/
  3. Rinsed thoroughly first, then shampooed one side at a time with Suave Almond and Shea Butter Shampoo. Just like any other wash day. No reconditioning though for two reasons. 1) My hair felt nice enough to skip that step and 2) I almost fainted in the shower. I told you, don't do wash days when Uncle TOM is visiting!!!!
  4. After taking a moment to breathe after getting out, I then proceeded to do my deep conditioning routine which is spray with aloe vera juice, then apply ORS Replenishing Deep Conditioner throughout head, and re-apply it to roots, edges, nape, and ends, and then add lots of my Oil Mix to the twists, the ends, and the roots (then massage it in).
  5. Covered over with two plastic caps again and
  6. BOOM. Here we are.
That was pretty much the process step by step. Hasn't been long at all, this previous process must've taken like an hour and thirty minutes to do. But lots of things go by fast when you're not feeling well. lol As for now, I'm gonna keep this deep conditioning treatment in my hair overnight, I have no plans on detangling and rinsing any time soon.

Another reason I am not going to do any of that tonight is because I did plan on giving my ends a fairly good trimming. I don't plan on taking off a lot of length since my ends are still fairly healthy bur...we shall see.

As for my hair, after that protein treatment Nelly feels GOOD. She feels STRONG but soft, and I'm really digging the way my hair is feeling. She was clumped and curled so nicely after the shampooing process I couldn't help but gawk at the definition in the mirror for a bit. =) She's a happy curl. :)

So but anyways, that's all for today's update. Stay tuned to see how I actually wrangle this bush. =/

~ Keep Calm'n Coily ~

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