Saturday, June 15, 2013

Wash Day *Part 2*

So I went ahead and decided to detangle and trim my hair right now and now wait until tomorrow. I gotta say my hair is looking and acting SO much better. Detangling wasn't bad, but I think I may be manipulating my hair too hard. I didn't get many small and broken strands, but there were a few. Usually I see less then 20, today it was less than 10 and I think most of them were contributed to user error or hairs that were already broken but just sliding out.

Welp anyways, I detangled first with my wide tooth shower comb, then smoothed out with my denman and ran my hands down along the hair right after the denman to feel for the roughness of the ends. Honestly, my ends didn't feel very rough, maybe like the very tips. But I trimmed somewhere around 1/4 and inch to 1/2 and inch on each part. I think I'm still full bsl but it really doesn't matter much to me as long as my hair continues to stay healthy. That's my thing.

And after that I twisted back up and it is back under two plastic caps and my bonnet for an overnight deep conditioning treatment. :) Nelly is all set and goooood! She is very springy, very bouncy, and very healthy feeling. My last trim was back in March as you all should know when I did that very DRAMATIC trimming of 1-2 inches of my hair. So 3 months and I only trimmed about half an inch at the most so I think I'm good and back on track. I *hope* I won't need to trim again for possibly even the rest of the year. That's my goal, BUT I've learned my lessons about prolonging trims longer than necessary and if my ends require a frequent trimming then that will be fine by me. Length will come, but health is FOREVER!!! lol

The trimmed off ends. :)

Trimmed ends and shedded hairs....XP

~ Keep Calm'n Coily ~

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