Sunday, June 16, 2013

The 6 Month Super Spurt Challenge

Soooo, since my trimming rendezvue the other night, I'm still BSL...but just barely. I'm like right on the tippy top of my bra lol, but by the end of the month (if I grow and retain another half inch like I'm thinking) then I should be back to center of my bra strap at least, so no worries. No BIG worries anyways. =/

But I think I'm going to set myself on a personal....

Challenge will last from
July 1, 2013 thru December 31, 2013

Yep. I really feel like my natural growth rate is pretty fast and if I can help myself get there a bit faster than I will. I will need 6 inches to get to waist length from where I am now. So 6 months left = 6 inches! I hope that is the possibility and I'm really trying to encourage my growth anyway I can (the fitness and I have been having a hate-love relationship herelately lol). So I figured these are the things I'll do to help inspire some growth this year (since I've spent the beginning of the year hacking all of it off UGH!)

I don't know if I have any readers out there, but feel free to join in on this. We could all use some motivation otherwise, this will still remain just a documentary of my growth as it has always been. ;)

What I will be doing (or trying to do)

  • Minimizing breakage as so as possible (and I think I'm fairly close to possibly eliminating it!)
  • Oiling and massaging scalp daily/nightly (I used to be regular with this but it kinda reduced to twice a week)
  • Moisturizing DAILY. No excuses!
  • Deep conditioning weekly, detangling on dampened hair (not all the way dry, not all the way wet)
  • Trimming only as neccessary and what IS necessary (and NOT for the sake of just having freshly cut ends)
  • PROTECTIVE STYLING. I'm gonna definitely need to crack back down on my protective styling, that's what really works for me and retention.
  • No heat. This isn't a fairly big deal for me since I don't use heat anyways...
  • Protein treatments once a month. I am finding that this is CRUCIAL to my regimen these days...

Things that I will do that are personal and specific to me and my health will include

  • Taking iron tablets (I'm iron deficient)
  • Drinking 8 oz of water everyday
  • Try and reduce stress as much as possible
  • Get in some DAILY EXERCISE!!!
  • Try to eat a healthier diet (though I haven't been that bad I haven't been that good either)
As the weather gets cooler, things will also need to change, so I will probably be doing these as well

  • Use butters along with oils to seal hair of moisture
  • I may I MAY try deep conditioning twice a week, but it doesn't get THAT cold here down south...
  • When I wear hats, always wear satin bonnet underneath them. I do this anyways but hey, just a reminder. :)
  • More hot oil treatments as well (done with my oil mix of avocado and castor oil)

So that should be about it eh? I'm hoping I get some awesome growth this year! I REEEAAALLLY wanna be waist length by the end of the year. So I shall see what happens. Maybe I should do a "no length check" thing as well? Yeah, lets add that in! I will do my last length check at the end of June and will not do another until the end of my personal challenge soooo...

Until December 31, 2013

~ Keep Calm'n Coily ~

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