Sunday, June 16, 2013

Manipulation + Soaked Hair = NOOOOOO!!

I think I've finally figured out the problem for my little crescent-shaped breakage bits that I've been seeing lately.

For one thing, they only appear when I am manipulating my hair wet, and that's it. I don't see them when dry and apparently it's not affecting my growth retention....yet. I just didn't want to let this continue because those little bits add up you know? And what if it IS stunting my growth a bit? I'm just getting really serious and finicky about my hair again like I used to be and it's kind of exciting but also kind of annoying. But I really want my hair to maintain it's healthy but I've just gotten so accustomed to doing fairly nothing to it, the idea of putting more work into it is making me.....ugggh! lol

But yeah, I think manipulation and soaking wet hair equals Nelly screaming in ferocious pain.

The reason I say that is because I just started playing in my twists tonight, and while they are still rather wet, damp I'll say with all the product and oil (and ohhh so moisturized and SHINY!) when I took down a few twists to check the length (still BSL ya'll! XD) I started to rub my hands down my hair rather hard to see if any hair would come out. I mean I kinda gripped my hair, doing that "hand clasp" method that KimmayTube uses where she sandwiches her hair between her hands and slides her hands down the hair. And I did that rather....hard, I will admit. But I saw absolutely NO little itty bitty breakage pieces. NONE. And then I got to one twist, and I had two come out. But like I said my hair was still pretty wet but not soaking wet.

Light buuuuuuulb! lol

So it IS because my hair can't handle being manipulated wet. I got it now! Ding! lol But that also means I now have an extra step added to my wash day. *rolling eyes* ugh dang hair! So what will I be doing now? Well, I'll still be using the same products but just doing wash day differently. For the rest of June and probably July, I'll be trying wash day this way and see how it fares out for me.

  1. Detangle on dry hair using a bit of conditioner to slightly dampen the hair and oils to help add the slip that I'll need. I'll try finger detangling, but more than likely I will be using my shower tooth comb for this process.
  2. When hair is thoroughly detangled, hop in the shower to shampoo.
  3. Apply deep conditioner and let it sit.
  4. Rinse of deep conditioner, and then moisturize and seal.
  5. Airdry

The one big thing that's changing (for me) is deep conditioning after the shampooing process, cause I really like deep conditioning before but, I'm not partial to any way. Both ways work fine for me, but I'm just trying to figure out a way to still keep wash day rather...short. You know, besides the deep conditioning process wash day really only takes me like 1.5-2 hours to do. Deep conditioning is what makes wash day 4 and 5 hours or all day. lol

This is kind of what I used to do in my first couple of years natural so perhaps that's why I never really saw these little breakage bits in those years. I'm telling you all, I am seriously reverting back to the same exact products and techniques I started out with. lol Wow, now thaaaat's something. But we shall see if what I am concluding is correct though I think I'm right on track about not manipulating my hair when it's soaking wet. =/ Ahh well.

~ Keep Calm'n Coily ~

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