Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Chunky Twists ♥


So I reverted back to a classic that I always do. I seem to rarely do any fashionable and nice styles like I used to anymore. Protective styling have become SOO low maintenance and low manipulation, my styling inventory has kinda reverted to....womp.

But I don't see it as too much of a bad thing right now. My hair is super healthy, why these chunky twists were put in about 3 days ago, and they are sooo bouncy and thick and yummy looking! Lately I've been trying to judge the health of my hair by the way they act in certain styles such as twists. Compared to how my hair used to act when it was fairly damaged, my damaged hair would:

  • Stretch out more easily
  • Have bushy ends (that I thought was due to using too much shea butter)
  • They'd look longer and waaay too stretched out in the front
  • Look more limp and skinnier
  • Don't really....bounce.
I've learned that having my hair at it's healthiest, or even remotely close to it's healthiest state involves my hair having these qualities:
  • They shrink up more, a LOT more
  • My ends would coil no matter the product I used and no matter if I did so on dry or wet hair
  • They look thicker and juicier
  • They have incredible elasticity//bounce
  • They look shinier...
Sooo yeah. This set of chunky twists was done on pretty dry hair that was misted with aloe vera juice, then moisturized with my usual sleek & shine leave in conditioner and then sealed with my oil mix of avocado//castor oil, and then on top of that to help set and give some shine I used Avocado Butter.

Avocado Butter in my opinion is kind of similar to shea butter, but there is a noticeable difference to me. This is what I've noticed so far:
  • Avocado Butter actually "defines" my ends... I've never had a butter do that to my ends but that was nice to know. While I was applying this product to my ends, I noticed that my ends immediately started clumping together which was new to me.
  • It is more....liquified....than shea butter. It melts alot easier than shea butter is what I mean. Shea butter takes a lot of hard rubbing between the palms, but with avocado butter, it'll easily melt in your finger tips.
  • No nutty smell....unlike shea butter. :P
  • A little really does go a long way. Use too much of this butter and your hair is bound to feel like a tub of crisco grease. XP
  • Adds GREAT shine to my hair, I love this butter (and oil!) DEARLY for that! lol
Overall, I really like avocado butter....dare I say shea butter is going to be....REPLACED?!!?!!!?

...To be continued....?

lol Yeah, but anyways, I'm sooo loving my little Nelly right now she is so healthy and gleaming so bright I loves it! I'm trying to keep this up especially since I'll be starting my personal Super Spurt challenge in July....just trying to retain everything I grow that's all. XD

~ Keep Calm'n Coily ~

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