Saturday, May 4, 2013

Update Anyone?

I've been a little too busy to keep up here or remember to take pics of Nelly in her full glory, but in short, the genie locs are down and out! I was two days short of making a month but wouldn't have had time to take them out if I had waited.

As I took down the genie locs, I finger detangled each braid as they came down and when I got enough hair undone, took that section, moisturized with a bit of garnier leave in, and twisted it up and continued on. After completing the takedown, and not feeling like doing anymore to my hair, I wore my hair in a twistout for the following few days. After about 3 days of wearing a dried out twistout, I finally decided to give Nelly a little nurturing and nourishment starting first with a 30 minute egg protein treatment, followed by a shampooing session, then a deep conditioning treatment that was then rinsed out a couple of hours later. And wash day was a normal success after that.

For that week, I wore my hair underneath a bonnet and scarf for the most part since it was such a rainy week and a few tucked in updos. As far as yesterday (Friday) I decided to wear it out a bit with a white scarf as a headband. Nelly was a big fuzzy and undefined twistout yesterday and the wind was only making it bigger. So another wash day was then decided which brings me to today.

Just another normal wash day routine. I deep conditioned first, then shampooed, moisturized and now Nelly is airdrying underneath a satin scarf and bonnet as I figure out what I'm gonna do next. I'm thinking...small braids? For a small braidout like KinkyKurlyQueen? I don't know.

Some things have been a bit tweaked. As far as exclusive finger detangling, I'm not really big on using my fingers solely for detangling though I do like the results. But I have gone back to using my shower comb, at least on wash day to do my main detangling. But as far as going throughout the week and styling, I use my fingers to detangle. It's just that doing a GOOD finger detangling takes hours and hours and I do have alot of hair that needs to be tended to and I notice halfway through it, I normally grow impatient and don't do as thorough of a job as I know I could or sometimes I even get a little rough. And from not doing it thoroughly, I've been noticing that my roots get matted and meshed alot more and it makes it harder to style at times.

Yeah, so I needed my good ol' shower comb back! lol I at least use it to detangle my hair on wash day to keep my roots from matting and meshing, every other day is pretty much exclusive finger detangled...if it's even manipulated.

So yeah, that's what's been up so far. How's your hair?

~ Keep Calm'n Coily ~

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