Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I Made A Hat!

I've been an on and off crocheter since I was in middle school. I've always loved the process of doing it but I never really "finished" a project. This is my first time finishing something that can also FIT and I absolutely ADORE this hat! It's an awesome color, it's a loose but snug fit and it's big enough to fit all of my big hair inside of it...whether twisted up or loose in some type of braid or twistout. I have to make a couple more hats like this in different colors. I ♥ beanies! lol

It really keeps my head nice and toasty and yes I always wear my satin bonnet under it. I wear that thing under ANY hat that might rub up against my hair and ends. I figured this would make a nice deep conditioning hat

~ Keep Calm'n Coily ~

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