Thursday, April 18, 2013

Yarn Braids--Week 3

Still growing and still getting fuzzier!

I've been so laid back with styling since I put these things in. My main styles are a low ponytail, high ponytail, half up and half down, and a few braids from the sides pulled from either side of my head and tied together at the back of my head...that's it.

Every other night it seems, I will spritz my scalp and braids with water, then apply my garnier leave in to mainly the roots and squeeze it into the braids and make sure I rub it in really really good, and then follow that up by going through the parts and applying my oil mix and then rubbing it in and massaging my scalp for a good minute or so. And then tie it down with my satin scarf and call it a night.

It's been so simple to take care of these braids but you best believe I really miss my hair! I only have one more week to go (next Thursday) til I can take them down and have my good ol' Nelly back! I may go back into yarn braids for May, I'm still deciding because I did get some great growth and they are very healthy looking, especially my roots. If there is no other protective style that truly works for my hair, I do know that yarn braids work! They:
  • Retains lots of moisture (as long as you keep the yarn moisturized from install to takedown)
  • Doesn't frizz (apart from your growing new growth)
  • Looks like locs!
  • It's simple and really carefree (at least for me it is)
The one con I have with keeping yarn braids in for a month and getting all this new growth is that my roots do start to matt together a bit, which is why I never keep any style in for more than a month. But other than that, it's been great! Luff them! :)

~ keep calm'n coily ~

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