Saturday, April 13, 2013

Yarn Braids--Week 2

Ohh these braids were MEANT for the lazy soul! I haven't really done much to them besides spritz and oil them every other day. Though yesterday, I did wash them at around seven at night. =P I know. Wash day went as it normally would, just without the deep conditioning.

I hopped in the shower, did half of my head at a time (2 sections; down the middle) and rinsed it under the showerhead, then shampooed with my usual suave shea butter and almond, lightly conditioned with suave naturals condish, and then rinsed that out when both sections were completed. Then out of the shower, I moisturized with garnier's sleek and shine leave in (usual), and made sure to really rub the cream into the braids and then afterwards oiled and massaged my scalp. Since I didn't feel like having my pillows get drenched in the water, I decided to blowdry them for all of an HOUR! By the time I finished, the tips were still fairly wet, but it dried overnight which is great because they normally take two days to airdry!

I must say, my roots felt like pure SILK, it was amazing how soft and healthy they were! And it's only been 2 weeks! But I just really wanted to note that I think I've already grown and retained a half-inch of new 2 weeks! I measured it with my measuring tape and the new growth stretches out to the half mark of one inch. I hope I am able to get an inch, I could seriously use the growth spurts after all those hacking adventures I've had. lol You already know!



~ Keep Calm'n Coily ~

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