Saturday, April 6, 2013

Yarn Braids--Week 1

Didn't take many pictures, actually these were taken today. It made a week on Thursday and as you can see... they're already starting to look old. They're almost starting to look 2 weeks old, but I think because I did smaller parts, it doesn't look as bad. If I had done them they way I normally do them (like 8 rows across the top), it would look a LOT more worn down especially around the edges. But I think with doing the parts smaller, it's holding in more hair and making it look a little bit fresher. So there's a pro! lol

Other than that, they've been GREAT! Every other day (though I try to do it on a nightly basis), I will lightly spritz my scalp and most of the braids with water, then go through each row applying my oil mix and then afterwards, massaging it in for about 2 minutes or something like that. I don't massage the edges since they're so easy to puff up but I do give them a light rub, and then I tie it down with my satin scarf and call it a night. In the morning, edges are laid and my hair looks nice and healthy!

I'm definitely seeing some growth. I think this month I may be able to grow and retain an inch. I should, it's getting hot down hurrrr! But they're definitely feeling loose for it to only be one week in. I'm excited though! That's why I love my yarn braids, they really do help me retain everything I grow! I'm used to my hair fuzzing up in the first week though, it always does. Even though this time I tried hard to maintain it's fresh appeal for as long as I could but as you can see, the frizzies are still winning! lol

I was going to wash them today, and I should. I just don't feel like it though but I'll see. I wash them all the time, I wash them like I do my normal routine (except for the detangling process...). I dunno, we'll see. But so far, week 1 is GOOD!

Keep it calm'n coily

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