Saturday, March 23, 2013

Totally Twisted Out!


The week that I should've been installing my yarn braids I spent enjoying my hair out for a whole week which is something I have not done in a little over a year! Probably even a year and a half.... Kraizy right?

Overall I realized what I missed most about wearing my hair out. Yup, you probably guessed it: the health. I've really noticed some serious changes about my hair when having damaged ends and having healthy ends. They really do change a hairstyle's appearance for you.

But anyways, it all started with about 22 medium-large chunky twists that was SUPPOSED to be my protective style while I was trying to transition into the yarn braids. I had good intentions to keep them in too. This whole style was also exclusively finger detangled, and I must say, I'm kinda growing to love doing this routine. It's almost becoming second-hand to me. Almost...still itching to reach for my denman every now and then to smooth out the ends. lol

The twists were set using aloe vera juice, garnier fructis sleek and shine leave in, and my oil mix that was used to seal, massage my scalp, and really coat the ends in before twirling it up. For the first night, I just tied it down with a satin scarf and went to bed for I had no reason to take them down for the rest of the week.

But thanks to great weather (and my missing Nelly), I opted to do otherwise.

That night, I came home, lightly misted my hair with water and stretched my twists by use of Naptural85's method here:

Apart from flat-twisting the twist (too lazy to do so) I followed her method exactly. Tied it down with a satin scarf and went to bed.

In the morning, the twists were actually still defined very well but very stretched and elongated (which I very much enjoyed). Before taking down, I added some avocado oil for sheen and to prevent frizzies and took them down and separated as I normally would do a braidout or twistout of some kind and it turned out perfectly! I was so excited and in awe at my hair! I've been missing this Nelly for SOME time now!

So every night I did that same routine, but I would do the twists a bit bigger than the original set. One night had 6, another had 4, and the last night I prepped it I remoisturized it without finger detangling through the curls and twisted it into about 8 twists and it was STILL hanging on after wearing it for about 5 days!
Day 1 Twistout

Another thing I've noticed, especially in the front, my curls/styles don't drop as fast as they used to. They actually can manage to hang onto a style for a week. I know when I was still hanging onto damaged ends, my hair (especially the FRONT) would drop so fast it would look almost STRAIGHT by the end of day 1!!!! That used to make me so mad.

But it literally amazed me how everyday I kept noticing that all of my curls were intact and were still defined and still curly at the ends. Nelly's definitely doing some dramatic improvement! I was so proud of my hair that week! Not to mention the bigger it got, the more eyes I got watching me whenever I went somewhere. lol!

I'm sad to end the Twisted Out Legacy I had this week. I am gonna miss my hair when I eventually get these yarn braids in, but I know it's for the better health of Nelly (and the better growth retention). I really forgot how much I LOVED wearing my hair loose and everywhere so I know I'll enjoy it more when Nelly gets a whole heck of a lot longer! But until then, back to protective styling it is!

Day 2

Day 2

Day 2

keep calm and coily!

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