Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Sixteen Braid Braidout

I haven't seen a braidout like this inna minute!

I have to note that this style was exclusively finger detangled and the only reason I note that is because I have-for the LONGEST time-never believed that I could get a very defined braidout if I didn't use a comb to really smooth out my curls, especially the ends. So to do these braids and take them down and still have this big, plump and juicy braidout was a bit of a "win" for me.

These braids were set with aloe vera juice, garnier fructis sleek and shine leave in, and sealed in with my oil mix which was also massaged into my scalp. These braids were left in for about 3 days, I moisturized the night before because they felt dry, and needed a little boost. Earlier today I took them down using avocado oil for sheen and it came out beautifully! I didn't bother to separate it much (aside for the few tendrils that were already splitting apart) but instead fluffed the roots and used my afro pick to pick the roots a little bit and shake it around alot. But overall, I loved it! It was 16 braids used for this definition, 8 on each side. I think I'm digging the Sixteen Braid Braidout. A new and easy simple staple.


As for the flavored aloe vera juice and all the suggestions that the sugar would make it sticky to work with. I've used it since I bought it, and intially when it's wet on the hair, it does have a slightly sticky feel when you touch your hair, but after it dries it disappears. At least on my hair it does. It's about like working with glycerin products so I'm gonna keep using it until I run out and then just get the original brand of aloe. At least it keeps my hair smelling good and makes it soft and I love it! Aloe Vera Juice is a new favorite!!! =)

~keep it Calm
and keep it COILY~

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