Friday, March 15, 2013

March 15 Length Check!

I've been wearing that braidout for the past....two and a half days (including this morning). Currently as I sit here and type, an eggy mess is running down the sides of my face as I try to hold on for another thirty minutes before I wash it out. I started out doing my normal deep conditioning phase, exclusively finger detangling, when I noticed that those small breakage pieces were still coming out on my hands. I had previously researched and saw that my protein/moisture balance could possibly be the culprit. I haven't done an egg protein treatment in a minute and today's treatment isn't necessarily how I do it at all. I usually do the protein treatment first, shampoo, then deep conditioning. But for today, I kinda threw it all in one package and just hoping I get good results! I don't even know if lack of protein is the problem because my hair has great elasticity but I figured, eh why not? It just COULD be ya know.

So after slathering on my deep conditioner and finger detangling and twisting in sections all of eight(8) twists (my usual), I headed to the kitchen to crack open 3 eggs and mix in some Suave Naturals conditioner and went through each twists and applied it thoroughly to that section and it's been oozing on my head ever since. I hate doing these treatments but lawd knows Nelly LOVES them.

But before I commenced to doing all of that, I did a length check. Though my length has taken a DRAMATIC setback since my end of the year length check, just look at how much thicker it looks! You can tell where the tip of my hair ends, and I love that visiblity. I was trying to show the gap I would need to close to get back to BSL and to me it seems like about half an inch.....I hope so, so then I could back to a healthier, thicker BSL by the end of....April. Just giving my hair some time to get there.

I just hope this protein treatment does the trick for these little strands that keep coming out and if that's not it, that maybe I'm still possibly manhandling my hair?....I really think I'm being gentle with my hair especially to be FINGER DETANGLING...which I will admit is beginning to get easier. I still hate the wet hairs that stick to my hands but it gets better. I haven't used my comb in so long I kinda forgot where it is (and by so long I mean one and a half weeks LOL!). But we shall see. Next step SHAMPOO and I think I'm going now I just can't deal with these eggs anymore!

Keep Calm
and Keep it COILY

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