Friday, March 15, 2013

It Probably Was The Protein...

So after washing and lightly re-conditioning with suave naturals conditioner, then rinsing that out and moisturizing and sealing as I normally do, I took the time to actually count the number of small broken strands that came out. I'm glad to report that most of them were shedded hairs, but ultimately, from the extra finger detangling in the shower during the washing process down to the very end of sealing my ends in my avocado/castor oil mix, I counted 19 small broken strands and that was WAY better than when I first started today's wash day. Slowly but surely, I'm getting Nelly's health back to normal.

I'll also comment that my hair was very VERY bouncy while I was washing it, my hair was nice and smooth and shiny with absolutely NO product on it and completely cleaned and rinsed, it was fabulous! The ends coiled up there were no long pieces straying from the ends of the twists like usual, my hair just looked very healthy. So I'm thinking, monthly egg protein treatments to keep the balance in check and maintain it.

My plans for now is to put in some yarn braids. I'll get to it eventually, and when I do, I'll be posting pics! I want to keep them in for a month since the weather is trying to be unpredictable (now watch I put them in and it's gonna get hot by the next day...UGH!). But this is for Nelly's health and for better retention! Even though I'm proud of my ends and the health of my hair....I really do miss how much longer my hair was. I'm just trying to get back to below BSL like I was but a healthier below BSL, we'll talk MBL and WL later. =)

Keep it calm
And keep it coily! :)

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