Friday, March 29, 2013

Hair In Progress: YARN BRAIDS

I had put in some medium-sized twists previously using aloe vera juice, sleek and shine leave in, and shea butter. Wore them for all of a day and got the bright idea to start on my yarn braids.

Also got the bright idea to try once again to break my broken strand epidemic by doing an official egg protein treatment and not some lazy one that I did last week.

This time, I mixed up 2 eggs, about 4 tablespoons of mayo (gawd I really smelt it in my hair while applying it....ewwww!), honey, avocado and castor oil, and some suave conditioner which were all eyeballed. It all came to about a smoothie-like consistency, not as goopy as the last one. My hair had been taken out of the twists and braided into 6 plaits (3 on each side). I went through each plait and applied the mixture and bantu knotted it up. Since the mixture wasn't as runny, I was able to leave it on for a little over an hour-like an hour and 10 minutes.

Washed with suave almond and shea butter shampoo and conditioned with suave naturals. Left in that conditioner and then applied some type of banana nourishing deep conditioner by ORS (it was a packet my sister let me have). It looked like this:
It smelled like weird bananas, and went on like a...masque. It felt more like a "hair masque" than a "deep conditioner" so honestly, I didn't feel like it was gonna do much to my hair.

But surprisingly, after leaving it on for about an hour and a half and then rinsing it out, absolutely nothing in my hair, Nelly felt glamorously AMAZERING!!!! It felt like butter, super luxurious! And I'll tell you something else, from the time I started my protein treatment down to when I started putting in my genie locs/yarn braids, I counted 7 broken strands. That's a dramatic breakthrough!!! Majority of the hair that came out was shedded strands and it wasn't even a lot of them! Nelly coils up so much better, she feels....lighter....sorta. And I can tell the difference in my strands, they feel so much stronger. Not just "soft" but they feel like "strong and soft"...if that makes sense. lol

After deep conditioning and rinsing, of course I carried on with moisturizing, sealing, oiling and massaging and then dove right into getting my yarn braids.

Throughout the whole "wash day process", I had been prepping my yarn by wrapping it around this big tackle box (that I use for all of my hair accessories....thanks dad! lol). I used about 1 and 3/4 of the big black yarn bundles from the Red Heart brand. It's acrylic yarn which is really important. You don't want wool yarn because that yarn can easily lock into your hair. I also took a few squirts of my leave in conditioner and applied it to the yarn before I began installing to keep the yarn from sucking moisture from my strands. I usually do it with oil but since I'm almost out, why not use my leave in? It's cool.

I'm doing them way smaller than I normally do......ANY style. But I must admit I think I like the way they're turning out. I hope they last longer than my larger set. I'm tempted to say I want to keep them in for 2 months, but only time (and how quickly I get curlsick) will tell. I honestly didn't want to put them in because Nelly has been acting so fabulously but I want her to stay that way and retain some length and yarn braids make retention sooooo easy for me! But now that I've started on them, it might be a minute before I take them down.

I must say that I also separated my hair into 7 sections. Two big sections in the middle, and five sections around the perimeter. So far, the front 3 sections are complete. Tomorrow I plan on doing the back 2 and as much in the middle as I can. I would like to finish it all but...we'll see. Just feeling the "loc look" right now.

Soooo yeeeaaaah. That's what's going on with Nelly right now! I think I'm gonna like this set of yarn braids. Like I said, it's my first time doing them rather small. I love doing large-sized styles (easy to put in, easy to take out). But I want a style that's gonna last me a good little minute.

Keep it calm'n coily...

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