Sunday, March 3, 2013

Finally BIT The BULLET!

And TRIMMED my doggone ENDS!!!!!

I really didn't do alot of debate on whether or not I should've trimmed them either. It just boiled down to me being sick of hanging on to dead ends and wanting Nelly to flourish again, that's what aided my decision.

So after my Marley Twist takedown and playing in it's fluffiness for a bit, I thus began my wash day routine on Friday evening. I did fairly medium-sized sections, doing a bit of finger detangling first, then spritzing it heavily with water and then applied my deep conditoner to it and soon after followed that with a detangling of my wide tooth comb followed by my denman. I wanted to trim then, but I resisted. I ended up with about 8 twists which were tied under two plastic bags and a bonnet and left to penetrate for the rest of the day and overnight.

This morning, I got up and was planning on just shampooing when after I took off the bags I just stared at my conditioner-soaked twists for a moment. And saw my ends. They didn't look bad, they actually looked fairly healthy. And it made me mad because I didn't want "camoflauged" ends, I wanted the real deal healthy ends! So I started with one section. I took one twist down and worked on one piece of the twist at a time. Brushing it thoroughly with my denman and feeling from root to tip for rough textures toward the end....and just hacked away. -_____-"

I repeated this process throughout the rest of my hair taking off an inch on average, though when I got to the front, I took off about two inches for length issues, not really damage. Then hopped in the shower to wash and condition and follow my usual wash day routine which ended with plump and thick moisturized twists that were left to relax underneath my satin bonnet and trusty black scarf while I headed off to work. Nelly hasn't looked this good in FOREVER!!! And I must say I have TRULY missed her!

My curls are just popping these days and they're so springy and bouncy and coily and just all over the place. Which is exactly what I wanted. Never again will I hang onto scraggly ends for the sake of claiming length, it really kills the look of long and gorgeous hair, ya know?

As for what to do with them now? I'm thinking about trying my small twists again. That's my ultimate test. My bad ends are never camoflauged in small twists and hopefully, they won't need to be camoflauged this time....

So keep it calm,
and PLEASE...Keep it coily! :)

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