Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Healthier Set of Twists

So after Nelly's final dramatic trimming, I decided a set of twists would be the best protective style for now. It's low key, easy to bun, and my hair is not totally hidden away from me. I can at least see my coily ends and not have it locked away in any kind of extension style.

My hair was still pretty damp from last night's moisturizing session. So it was basically garnier leave in and oil in my hair but my hair felt very soft though. I took down a twist at a time, brushed it out a bit with my denman, then began to separate them into small sections and twist. Now it started out as me doing mini twists but soon, the process became a little... overwhelming. So I then opted to make them more medium sized. I'm not planning on wearing them down, most likely I'll be keeping them in a bun or some sort of updo to maintain the "protective" aspect of it.

Throughout twisting, I did trim off a bit of what still had a fray look but it was nowhere near as much as you may be thinking. Altogether, it probably added up to half an inch of hair, maybe even less. Wasn't that much at all. I pretty much got everything, my coils look GREAT!

Right now, I've setback my length probably a great deal. BUT I've gotten healthy ends out of this. And the other good news is I won't have to have this setback again! Haaa, so now I know. Stay. With a CONSISTENT. Regimen. Wash, deep condition, moisturize, and trim as necessary NOT as scheduled. I think where I messed up was trying to maintain a "once a year" trim schedule so that I could retain all of my length, not realizing that hanging onto damaged ends can mess up retention methods just as much as wearing my hair out excessively. Because I didn't use heat excessively or anything of the like, I just wasn't trimming off enough. I used to trim up to four or five times a year and then tried to reduce it to one. I probably could've had good results had I not also fell off of my haircare regimen, namely deep conditioning. I think I went an entire year without deep conditioning, and then months at a time. Soooo yeah, hair thrives when you keep a consistency. And as I've learned, it doesn't have to be super expensive like I was making it out to be. Hair needs a simple guideline of:
  • Wash
  • Deep Condition
  • Moisturize
  • Protection
Really those are the basics of hair care. and I fell off of three out of those points and my ends suffered greatly for it. But we learn from our mistakes and I will not be falling off of it again. =)

Keep Calm
~ and Keep it Coily ~

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