Monday, February 18, 2013

My Obsession with Healthy Ends

You know what thick and healthy hair all have in common?

They're thick and healthy ends!

Ohh shabba labba ding dong where did I go wrong with my haircare to end up with such dry, frayed, ugly ends?

Well, they're not so ugly anymore but they've still got quite a bit of work to undergo.

I want April to be the last month for my more "dramatic trims". I mean dramatic as in for the "sole purpose of curing my ends". I said I didn't care how much I had to trim off by then but honestly...I kinda do. I still love my length and not trying to set myself back too much. I'd rather appear at a stagnant length for awhile than to drop back a couple of inches or whatever. Though you all have seen the pictures and will probably agree that there is not much that needs to be hacked off. I'm hoping.

Honestly, there's not much I'm doing to my ends that I haven't been doing. Keeping them moisturized and sealed, protected all the time, deep conditioning and scheduled trims. That's basically all you can do to thicken your ends. One thing I have learned about thickening ends.

If you want to thicken em, you gotta trim em. I'm beginning to see there's no real way to turn thin ends into "thick ends" by magic. It's all about a snip. And a cut. Perhaps even a chop. For me, there wasn't enough castor oil in the WORLD to help my ends, though it seriously spit me out some edges! I don't doubt that castor oil can thicken up edges, but as far as ends. The only real cure is a trim and that will keep your ends thick and healthy.

Is it bad that I'm actually really anxious to trim my hair in April? It feels like that's all I think about. I guess that's because that's when I plan to see Nelly at her healthiest again! I love springy, coily, bouncy Nelly. I've gotten a taste of limp, over-stretched, dry, stringy, frayed-looking hair and let me tell ya....I ain't trying to go back any time soon.

I'm so bored with my marley twists so I'm trying to think of something to do with my hair. I'm just not very bold with hairstyling options or at least....wearing them outside of my house. =/ Perhaps I should do a style a day diary until the end of February? Would you all want to see what I come up with?....I dunno. I'll see. Maybe I'll start a style diary in general and just try to get my ideas up and perkilating.

I have to be honest though, I kinda miss my hair at it's shorter lengths. I think I was alot more creative style-wise and it was easier to care for my hair since it didn't have that much length. Now that I have.....HAIR. It's a bit of a different journey trying to maintain it all and keep it healthy but it's getting back to it's original health. It is. Oh.........I'm gonna make SURE it is!

Keep calm and
Keep it Coily!

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