Saturday, February 16, 2013

Blast from the Past: Mini Braids??

It's been a WHILE since I've done minibraids, but after gawking over this woman's hair over at MiniBraid Method, she's seriously got me wanting to go back into this style. She's retained so much length, and her hair is so thick and plush. A new hairpsiration, obviously.

But anyways, it's not a new style to me, I just haven't done them in years? Reason being is that they take so long to put in and SO long to take out! Not to mention I may not have always been the...gentlest (sp?) soul when taking out mini braids, so I guess I started to avoid them because of that. I would get so impatient I would literally brush them out. And my hair was shorter back then!

But now I miss them, having a seriously internal conflict about whether or not I should put them in for the month of March after the marley twists. And when I say serious I MEAN SERIOUS. Because the maintenance of them are soo easy and much less stressful as opposed to doing my mini twists. Though mini twists are also a gorgeous style, I don't like washing them because they shrink alot more than the braids will and they're more prone to matting than my braids are (surprisingly). My braids show alot more length than mini twists which is why I love them

I don't knooooow, I'm so in between. It would be a great protective style that I could wash and deep condition weekly, keep them styled and above all now have to manipulate Nelly as much. I guess I should just get out of the marley twists for now and then see what I have time for. =/

Keep calm and
Keep it coily!

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