Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Somebody's Been Scissor Happy...

While I've been away, I've done... well a considerable amount with Nelly. But do not fret, it was all in good health!

First of all, I came out of the marley twists (obviously). After all of the twists were out and I had massaged and loosened the buildup at the roots, I proceeded to deep condition on dry hair. First I misted with water, applied a generous amount of the ors deep conditioner and detangled thoroughly first with my wide tooth comb, and then went through again with my denman brush. Following the steps of this video:

I feel I trimmed off about half to a whole inch off. It was pretty decent and my hair looks and feels much better! A couple days after trimming, I proceeded to style my hair in small-ish twists, a style I've started backing away from because it reveals the dustiness of my ends all too well. But this time, it wasn't sooo bad. I still have a fair amount of frayed ends to trim off which I will wait until April to do, but until then Nelly's been absolutely FABULOUS. They curl and coil up all on their own, even the front.

It had been about a week and a half of wearing those small twists, then I took them down a couple of days ago for another wash day. This time, deep conditioning took a small detouring remix. I didn't have enough of my beloved ORS to make another full round, so I decided to mix it up a bit. Adding in the last bits of what I had of tresemme naturals conditioner, a bit of suave naturals strawberry conditioner, along with some avocado oil, castor oil, honey, and a splash of apple cider vinegar and I had a pretty good mix for a deep conditioner. Oh, I also added in some drops of peppermint oil for scent, stimulation, and tingles. :)

Deep conditioned with that mix for all of an hour and thirty minutes, shampooed and moisturized using my regulars, nothing new in that area. And since then, my hair has been in the same eight twists since then which was like two days ago. I've started school recently as well so I don't have as much time to dedicate to my hair these days. Lately, my hair has been in these twists within the realms of a satin bonnet covered over by some stylish scarf.

My "plan" is to eventually put in an install of either yarn braids or marley twists. Marley twists are quick and easy to put in and take out, but they don't last very long and they frizz up fast too. Yarn braids take a longer install process...and takedown process, but they can last me a month or even more maybe and keep my hair incredibly moisturized, especially during the summer months. Either one of the two, I'll be keeping my hair in protective styles to keep my ends from undergoing any further damage and after my trim in April, I'll start wearing my small//mini twists on a more regular basis. So we shall see now won't we?

~ Keep Calm ~
~ and Keep it Coily ~

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