Monday, December 17, 2012

Roll, Tuck, and Pin It!

My definition of "protective styling" has always been twists, braids, some type of braid extension, or weaves. Slowly, buns began to enter the picture but I just was never good at the "Roll, Tuck, and Pin".

What is a roll, tuck, and pin?

Basically a style, usually done on loose hair but can be done on twists or braids or whatever style, that's worn for a day. It uses bobby pins, mainly, to hold the hair and place but can also use hair combs or even hair ties. These are "no committment" type of protective styles because you can easily style it for a day and take it out that night.

Think styles like french rolls, the "Janelle Monae" or easily refferred "Johnny Bravo" updo, the "Miss Celie" rolls. Something like that.

I. Am not. Good. At Roll. Tuck. And Pins.

But I decided to give it a try and it turned out pretty darn good. I only have one go-to RTP at the moment at it is two french rolls on the side to the back that come into a low bun. Very "Miss Celie-ish" but protective nevertheless. I don't use any bobby pins (I just can NOT get the bobby pins to keep my hair together) so I use a hair tie (one of those big goody brand headbands, double it, use it) at the base where the two french rolls meet. I should say I do use the bobby pins initially to hold one side of the french roll as I complete the other, but after all the hairs meet, I take them out and hold it together with a hair tie, then bun it under with bobby pins (lol okay, ya got me!) as I usually do with my buns. I've been wearing that for a couple days now, taking it down at the end of every night to moisturize and stretch it with big braids, but that's how it's been, until I get the chance and opportunity to saddown and do these doggone Marley Twists, this is what I'll be running to. I have exercised the living MONSTER out of my "scarfed wet bun" and figured it's time to try something different with my loose hair. Protective styling is hard when I have to do it on loose hair so I'd have put in some type of style that'll last me a couple of weeks instead. It helps me stop playing in my hair so much.

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