Thursday, December 6, 2012

Nelly's Lookin Up ♥

I had a MUCH better wash day yesterday though it was rushed, I though refrained from rushing through my detangling process. This time, I went back to systematic faithful products and did nothing different than I normally do since I started up this basic regimen. All of my basic products were used but this time I made sure I was extra gentle with my hair yet again. Thank goosenecks my hair didn't have a falling out with anything like it did last week! No excessive shedding, no incredibly itchy scalp, everything was NORMAL! YES!

I did keep all every last strand of hair I shedded. I heard no snapping so I made sure these were not broken strands. They were all long. Apart from a few that were shorter but they could've been hairs that had already shedded (or broken prior to) because I do tend to just cut out a knot if the shedded hair doesn't come out right away and let it slide out naturally. The pic that you see probably looks like a lot of hair for one week but that's actually less than I'm accustomed to losing. Makes you wonder how much hair I lost last week doesn't it? :P

Anyways, that's less than I'm used to and I lost about the same amount of hair in each section. I did NOT exclusively finger detangle. I find that finger detangling (well exclusively anyways) does not work for me. For some reason, it's alot easier for my hair to snap and break when it's JUST my hands detangling apart from what I did yesterday which was fingercomb FIRST and THEN detangle with my wide tooth comb. Guess I have manhandling hands.... O_O" And also with finger detangling I feel like my hair doesn't really get combed through. So okay, I'm guilty! I love to make sure ALLLLLL my shedded hairs are OUT! And with my fingers, I find myself like.....over-detangling or something because it doesn't feel right. I'm not an exclusive finger detangler people. Just not. Sorry.

After wash day (deep conditioning, detangling, shampooing, and moisturizing) I set my hair into medium, maybe almost large sized twists. These were done within an hour for I had somewhere to be that night. They were "structured" into a bun with a headband. Call it a day. But they feel very nice and plush.

As for my **ends**, I kinda new I'd need to continue to trim and I still will but I may save it until April (my fourth nappyversary!) because they are getting that "frayed" look again but it's like off and on. So it's probably just because they're old and not neccessarily "damaged". Well, that was all!

Keep calm
and keep it coily ♥

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