Monday, December 31, 2012

End of the Year Length Check--2012

In about five hours or so we'll be entering 2013. *hoorah*

But zooming around youtube and everyone was doing their end of the year length checks. Of course, I have in the marley twists, and besides that I just did a length check last month at the end of November, so I figured my length couldn't have changed that much right?

Well take a gander!

If you can tell, my hair is now underneath my bra strap whereas in the last length check pic it was in the middle. Probably not a drastic change in you all but it is for me! This piece measures about 16 inches, when at the beginning of the year in January, it measured 9.5 inches. So how many half-inches is that grown and retained? About seven inches! The average is 6 inches a year, so wow, I did quite a bit of growing this year.... I look at this picture and I'm just shocked can somebody tell me what they notice about this pic?

My hair is almost the same length of the marley twist!!! Of course if my hair was twisted it will probably shrink up more but at least it's close to it! I almost couldn't believe it was my hair, from this shot my hair looks alot longer than I imagined it to. It's like halfway down my back! I should definitely make waist length next year, whose with me!!!? Hummm? Anyone? lol

I'm just really excited about my hair goals now! If I'm midback length by the end of the february I'll be UBER EXCITED!!!!! Cause that means, I could possibly make waist length by August when my b-day rolls around! Thaaaaat would be awesome!! :)

keep it calm
♥ and keep it coily ♥

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