Thursday, December 27, 2012

2012 Hits ♥ Misses

Going Back to "Square One Products"   Square one products are products that I used to use when I first went natural, and for some before I even began my transition and when I was caring for relaxed hair. For me, my "square one" products include Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine Leave In Conditioner, Suave Professionals Almond and Shea Butter Shampoo, ORS Replenishing Deep Conditioner, and Ecostyler Gel. Oils have always been a consistent part of my regimen, but my staple oils are Avocado and Castor oil and these are newest tried oils, whereas my first staple oils were olive oil and coconut oil. Avocado and Castor may be a bit more costlier to get (and find), but my hair loves them SO much more than olive and coconut.

More Protective Styling   When I first went natural, I wore my hair out alot, but my hair was short and barely touching my shoulders so having it slide on my cotton t-shirts weren't much of a problem as it has become now. I now realize how much better my hair thrives when in twists, or in wet buns or some sort of extension style that can be prolonged for a month. I receive great hair growth and health after each period of protective styling, and will continue to use it in my regimen.

Oiling and Massaging Scalp (better on a daily basis)   I started this as a challenge for thirty days and have realized how much I LOVED it! I don't know about reducing shedding for me, but it does help keep my scalp dandruff-free and my tresses silky and lustrous and shiny every following morning. I love it and with the aid of massaging in the oil helps to stimulate hair growth. Using this technique helped pushed me to an inch a month of growth in the summer time, so I'm hoping, with the colder seasons becoming more vividly in sight, my hair growth will not slow down as much.

Using what works and not what's "suggested" to work   I've been all around the world using all types of products and techniques that have been suggested by so many naturals, youtubers, friends and family, and although many of the techniques and products worked for my hair, the costliness of it all became more of a damage than a healing and resulted in my hair taking a setback in growth for I went weeks without my "needed" products and my hair would suffer for it. I'm now learning to use what works, whether it has sulfates, is cone-free, or whatever. Sometimes we all can't maneuver down the "organic route" but hair can still grow and be just as healthy without it.

Deep Conditioning REGULARLY!!!!   I fell off of deep conditioning for about a year and have FINALLY made my way back to it! Now that I've been steadily deep conditioning on a weekly basis for 3 months, I can genuinely see that my hair feels and looks more lush, it's always soft and my curls are always popping these days, my ends curl alot better than they usually do in twists, and my hair just feels thicker and healthier.

Wet Bunning with Loose Hair   This is not a TERRIBLE miss, but I do hate to detangle it come wash day. To combat this, I like to braid the ponytail part in one big braid and pin it underneath with a bobby pin, but sometimes it's still too tangled for me.

Groveling over other people's growth   This can make me feel like my hair is not growing or that it is growing dangerously slow when my hair continues to prove to me that it is not! I get jealous easily so sometimes I like to step away from youtube and venture to my fotki and look at my progress throughout the years and look at what I would like to get my hair back to.

Focusing on "length" over "health"   Unhealthy, long hair is always uglier compared to healthy short hair in my opinion, and now I realize that. I want my hair to reach it's goals in it's healthiest way possible and that has been my drive thus far (especially for creating this blog).

Not too many misses since I've come to understand what works for my hair, but that is all thus far! Hoping for a great hair year come 2013!!

Keep Calm
and keep it coily ♥

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