Tuesday, November 27, 2012

November Length Check

You know why this is EPIC!!? Because I seriously thought my hair was shorter and had a much farther way to go.

I've been doing SO much protective styling and letting my hair shrink up (in stretched styles) so much and just let Nelly do what she do because I'm always trying to grow and retain the length that I grow. But I haven't had much nag to do actual "length checks" and instead just whine and complain that my hair has not grown anything since the beginning of the year. THIS. Is my proof! That i need to smacked upside the head with BIG heavy hands.

November 2012
Let me start by showing you a picture from the beginning of the year in January...
January 2012

Okay? Do you see what I see? Major growth and retention. And NOT to mention that I did a pretty decent trim in October. I said I took off about half an inch but I think it was close to an inch in some other parts (because I didn't say some areas I trimmed twice O_O") and just look how far my hair STILL came! =) Something I've been doing all this year has given my hair tremendous growth. And I think it's to one thing:: protective styling. I've been ps-ing all year with yarn braids, twists, braid extensions, buns, etc. My hair was lucky to see a little sunshine throughout the year. And something else I've noticed. You see how thin my ends were in the January pic for that big chunk'a section compared to the small piece pulled in my recent photo and how thick and visible it is from root to tip? See, this is the health I was aiming for! Usually every time I pulled my ends for a length check, they would always thin out towards the ends and that would make them barely visible wherever I pinpointed. I had to start taking pictures without flash because my ends were just that THIN, the flash would blind them out. The picture in November was taken WITH flash and no do-overs like how I normally do. This is how I know my hair is getting healthier! You do NOT have to squint to make sure I'm really pulling down some hair that far, you can totally see it! Eeeek, totally being a squeamish school-girl right now. lol

So my next stop is midback length. To me, I think midback length is about an inch underneath my bra strap so I'm maybe like a good two inches away from that goal. You think I could get it by my fifth nappyversary in April?........Hmmmmm. I'm gonna push for it. I'll be on a truly hardcore protective styling challenge (an actual forum challenge) from January to June and I'm hoping to see a lot of great length retention from this! I'm going to continue on with the regimen I posted recently because that truly seems to be working a great deal for me. Since I may be doing alot of extensions styles, I'm gonna still abide by my regimen but everything will be diluted and catered to wearing extensions, ya'll know how that is. When I do start my extensions styles, I'll keep you guys posted on how I do them and how I care for them.....hopefully I'll be able to keep up with that. So please don't me to it just yet! lol

Yippee!! I'm so excited! Hard work really does show! So when will I flat iron??????

You all will just have to stay tuned!

Keep calm
and Keep COILY! 

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