Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Marley Twists?

I've been looking for a new way to protective style besides the usual twist sets and occasional yarn braids that I really do love. But I just don't have an extra sixty to a hundred dollars to be dishing out for a sew in weave. I was gonna try that, but I didn't realize how expensive hair was to get, let alone "good" hair. Then you have to figure out which hair doesn shed, not prone to tangles and all that other stuff and ughhh. I fell out of the sew-in craze as quick as I fell in it. Nope.

We're cheap on this side.

So I've been searching around, because I do want a new style but soooooo not willing to go over thirty bucks for it (and I mean for the entire purchase not a whopping one pack!!!) and soon I came across this gorgeous style!

MaRlEy TwIsTs!!!

They're like twists, but they look alot more natural than kinky twists, or senelgalese twists or something like that. It looks like real, "natural" twists and you know...anything that can resemble natural hair, I'm more prone to test that out first. Yarn braids resembled locs to me, and now these marley braids resemble beautifully long twists to me. And I can't wait to try them! The hair is like five to seven dollars a pack >_< I must....get...them! From the videos I've seen, it seems like it only require about two packs if you do your parts relatively large. It looks nice large, but I still want mine to look fuller. So just to stay on the safe side, I will be getting three of them. At five dollars, why not? The video that is inspiring me to do them is by Cass who has gorgeously long, natural hair anyway!

Pretty natural look, eh? It's the kind of look I love! The kind of style I'm aiming for with my OWN hair! So most definitely I will be trying out this look next. It'll be a nice switch up instead of always running to my beloved yarn braids for a change in look. They just look so nice and so natural, and so me! Hoping to install them sometime soon, maybe before December starts, or early December. And keep them in for as long as I can up to a month. Then I'll switch over to my yarn braids, and probably come back to the Marley Braids, it all depends. But my main objective is to not have my hair loose while winter is here. I will still be deep conditioning and shampooing weekly, moisturizing, oiling and massaging my scalp daily, but I'm just longing for a different look. The bunned twists is starting to get repetitive again....and quite frankly boring.

Keep it calm
And Keep It COILY! ♥

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