Friday, November 2, 2012

D is for Disrespectful Fros!

That's exactly what day 5 wash'n go hair is to me. I wasn't trying to go five days, but I ended up being out all day and not being able to conditioner wash like I wanted to and so that night, I just pulled over my satin bonnet, no extra prepping for I thought I would be washing it that following morning, and I ended up with massiveness the next morning! I was all set and ready, but instead I went and hung out with family. So, because I had this very noticeable "hill" type of volume going on atop of my head, you know that /\ /\ shape when you keep a center part? lol What I ended up doing with that is pulling one side over the middle part and just pulling it out and about to cover it up and bobby pinning the freedom hairs into place.

That. Hair. Was Disrespectful!!!! It was big and glamorous and just blowing all in the Fall air, I L+O+V+E+D=♥ IT! lol This is actually the first time ever I've worn a wash'n go out for the full week and not pin it up or style it in some manipulative way. Each day I got up, I just did a bit of fluffing and got out of the house.

BUT. There was a =( Yeah, you should've saw it coming.

So apparently, later that night on the next day I got the "Bright Idea" to do my deep conditioning atop of my wash'n go. Why I was oblivious to this I don't know. But I always deep condition on dirty...or, then detangle, and then shampoo, and moisturize. That's just my wash day ritual for Nelly. But there I was, sitting at the floor looking naively into the full length mirror, spritzing with water and applying my deep conditioner atop of that.

I should've know that was a recipe for a disaster when I felt the sliminess on my hands but no. I just kept on going, just trying to go to sleep. =P

This morning, I got up, and started off by detangling in sections, it seemed to go well until I looked at my shirt and saw all those white "boogers" on my shirt. Ugh, I already knew it was on.

I had to wash my hair with shampoo about nine times (plus a couple of conditioner washes) before I got it even remotely clear. I think there's still a little bit of them hidden somewhere, but Nelly was so stripped of love I had to do something. So I ended up doing an oil treatment of my fifty-fifty mix of avocado and castor oil and left that on for like thirty to forty five minutes before it started running down my cheeks. After conditioner washing that out, I then applied Garnier Fructis' leave in conditioner, twisted it up into like 7 chunky twists, and have not touched it since. That was hours ago and now, Nelly is currently cuddled up under my black satin bonnet. Just trying to leave her alone until manipulating her is absolutely necessary.

So it wasn't necessarily the "wash'n go's" fault that was strictly User Error. Now I know better. Just wish I didn't have to constantly shampoo my curls to find the answer.

Experience is a horrible teacher. It gives the test before presenting the lesson..... =/ errrm. Thank goodness it was sulfate free shampoo or Nelly probably would have felt like STRAW and not the dried out cotton she was today. But anyways,

Keep Calm √
& keep it Coily

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