Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Bad Wash Day!

It wasn't bad as in terms of how I was managing my hair, but I seriously think my scalp got allergic to something. So I ran out of my trusty ORS replenishing deep conditioner (fellow beloved) so I got the bright idea to mix up some old conditioners that I forgot I had at the bottom of my bookshelf for like.....a year or so. =/ I didn't think conditioners could go bad, but these certainly did!

So what I did was mix up the remaining bits of Elasta QP DPR-11 deep conditioner, giovanni smooth as silk conditioner, desert essence italian red grape conditioner, tresemme naturals conditioner and combined that with honey, avocado oil, and castor oil. Sopped that through my curls the night before and thought I was in a for soft and fluffy hair after wash day was complete.

Well, this morning, when I got up to detangle, I was very gentle with my hair. Homie, I FINGER COMBED my curls and I rarely do that anymore! But my shedding seemed rather neutral, around the amount that I lose every wash day right? So when I hopped in the shower preparing to wash, I washed with suave professional shampoo (almond and shea butter) and shampooed my hair, but the horror began really when I put in the giovanni's conditioner after shampooing each section. First, hair was just falling into my hands. Granted, it was shed hair, no little strands thankfully and I heard little to no snapping this wash day, but the amount of hair I saw falling on my hands AFTER just detangling my hair previously before getting in the shower literally freaked me out. I didn't lose another handful, but it was about half that size. So after I rinsed out the Giovanni's conditioner, my scalp just went CRAZY with the itchies. I had to run my hair and scalp underneath hot water while scratching vigorously at it. =(

Good news is, I still have a lot of hair on my head and my hair was still soft and fluffy after wash day. Bad news is, I don't know why my scalp went crazy today with all the shedding and itching. I mean it was after I shampooed and it literally felt like I hadn't washed my hair in months! Yikes! So, I will definitely not be doing that again! I don't know what I mixed up, if it was due to me going a week and three days without a wash, or if it was because of how old most of the conditioners were, but I will DEFINITELY not be doing that again. Sticking to my ORS and if I don't have it, Nelly will have to wait.

After that, I soaked my hair in my usual sleek and shine leave in and oiled my scalp and massaged it tremendously and now my hair feels better and it's usual soft and respectful self. =) I'm a happy camper now. Gosh, the one time I was extremely gentle with my hair and I STILL lost a lot of hair. Man, I gotta get this hair thing down pact. lol

So until next time,
Keep it calm,
and Keep it Coily! ♥

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